Monday, February 23, 2015

My man can do "The Walk"

It was a long day at work. Drama, issues, problem solving, technical issues that are unresolved, decisions that make me scratch my head and sigh. I sent The Man a text and asked what he wanted for dinner because I was going to just pick something up on the way home. I walk in, give him the food, and change into my comfy clothes so that I can park myself on the couch and eat. 

 The Man does what he normally does…searches the guide to find a movie –he puts on the last five minutes of Friday, the 13th, then when I groan about it, he says it’s over and he’s waiting for the next movie. What’s the next movie? None other than Saturday Night Fever. The movie is just about to start, he gets quiet, looks over at me and says: 

“I do the walk”
Me: “You do the walk?”
The Man “Yes, I do the walk.”
Me: “What walk?”
The Man: raises chin at television.
(aka – the universal sign for “that” or “there” or “over there”).
Me: “You mean the Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta walk?”
The Man: nods head. “Yes. The walk”
Me “Where do you do the walk?”
The Man: “At work. When the song comes on, I do the walk.”
Me: “And how often does that happen?”
The Man: “We listen to K-RTH [the oldies station] so it comes on often”
Me: “So you’re telling me that the Saturday Night Fever song comes on at work, quite frequently, and each time you do the walk?”
The Man: Nods head.
Me:  “Show me. We have enough space – do it. Do the walk to the door and back”
The Man: turns head toward me, nods, gets up, walks away, and waits. He waits in the hallway until the song is going, and walks in step with John Travolta. Same gait, same head bob, same swagger. 

I couldn’t help it…I laughed! It. Was. Perfect! The little bounce, the swinging of the arms, the whole shebang! 

Of course, he then sits and watches the movie and recites the lines. “Would ya just watch the hair. Ya know, I work on my hair a long time and you hit it. He hits my hair.”

He talks back to the movie. Makes sounds agreeing with what they’re doing “mmmhmmmm”

When they’re arguing, he says “bah.” As if he’s surprised and hasn’t seen this before. 

He laughs when Tony Manero yells at his mother that she has three shit children then cries and apologizes to her. 

He watches and nods, and when he thinks I’m not watching, he does a little bit of the dance moves in his chair. Just a little. 

After this, I can’t remember what happened today that made me freak, stress, groan, and grumble.

 All I know is my Man can do “the walk.”

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