Friday, February 13, 2015

Scandal Season4, Ep12: Gladiators Don't Run. AKA: I fell asleep again....

Okay, where do I start? While it seems like much has happened, in the end, nothing really did.I fell asleep. Again. Had to re-watch this morning to see what happened. Was I that tired? Or was the show that boring this week?  I can tell you for certain if you missed this episode, just pick up next week and you'll be fine. But read my summary first.

First, Abby is onto something with the Olivia situation. She goes to Olivia’s apartment and sees the mess, the shoots over to OP Headquarters, finds HuckeberryQuinn and demands to be told what’s happening with OP. 

Huck gives her a giant verbal bitch slap: “You’re not a Gladiator anymore” He then tells Quinn: “We can’t trust the White House. Abby is the White House.”

While HuckleberryQuinn may not be able to trust Abby, you can trust me when I tell you I would kill for that Chanel handbag on her arm! *swoon*
Cyrus has the President sign documents to fire the entire Secret Service and replace them with Navy SEALS, and also tries to get the VP to resign or go to prison. The VP says no, and says he will out the President for getting the US into war over his side piece.  Cyrus then tells the President the VP won’t go down. Fitz defends himself saying we didn’t go to war because of Olivia. We went to the war because of the assassination attempt at the VP. That’s what America believes. He needs to prove that the attempt on the VP was faked (by him), leading them into war for his own agenda, and make the VP the bad guy. Oh, but then the VP also threatens to out his extracurricular activities with Mellie. Mellie tells Fitz and when he asks what she wants, she says she wants to be President and rule the world. Bottom line, the VP is getting off scot-free.  

The President wants in on the auction, and when he asks “Who has more money than the United States of America?” both Cyrus and Mellie chime in naming countries! Jake shows up to handle it and enlists HuckleberryQuinn on the process. 

“So, the USA is in bed with some terrorists, who they’re using to bid on Liv for them, because the President can’t be seen negotiating with terrorists.”

Jake says he has some money, Quinn says all she has is student loans (you and me both, Sista!), while Huck says he has money. Quinn keeps talking and again, Huck says 

“I have money. Two billion, four-hundred thousand eighty seven dollars, and 38 cents.”
He stole all the B613 money when they shut them down. He transferred the money to him as a payment for his time in the hole. Hucking Huck. He’s a sick bastard, but I’m on Team Huck till the end. Just keep his evil toolbox away from me, mmmkay?
Their way into the auction? MamaPope. David Rosen, Huck, Quinn, and Jake go visit Mama Pope who uses her evil-gal rep as an all-star international terrorist to get to a drug-dealer, who will get them in on the auction.  
 For her rep, she gets a flat screen TV with cable (so she can watch Liv), and has Huck take out some dudes for the drug-dealer, and Jake freaks out at the Freddy Krueger version of Huck. Jake tells Quinn that Huck is not right, and Quinn says sure he is – he just goes a bit evil for a bit and she has the dental bills to prove it! He’ll be back when Olivia is back. 

Except…Olivia’s plan has just gone FUBAR. Instead of her and Ian being in control of her being sold to the highest bidder, Bad Guy Gus questions Eli about his working with the hostage, then later shoots him in the head! Right as the auction was about to go live, he takes him out! He’s now in control. Huck is finally in the auction and just when he goes in to bid his billions, the auction stops. It's ended. 

Cyrus goes to tell the sleeping President that shit has hit the fan and quietly tries to wake him. Dude, when you’re holding the red folder of doom, you don’t whisper. You get your ass in there and scream “GET UP!”

The auction is over, halted by a new buyer that went directly to BadGuyGus. He says she’s being sent to Iran. The CIA head says things have changed. The asset (AKA Ms. Pope) has to be neutralized and Fitz says Um, no. No way. Go get her out. Period. Huck starts to freak and rambles “Someone bought her, they bought a person to control a president, to control a nation. She’s not a person, she’s a tool.” He closes himself off telling everyone she’s dead. That’s how you stop thinking of her as human and as her body parts start to get sent back home. Quinn tells him to shut up and slaps him, Huck again insists that she is dead.
The end has a view of Olivia being handed off to someone else. It’s clear that Olivia knows who it is…

So who could it be?  

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