Sunday, March 15, 2015

Scandal Season 4: Ep 14. The Testimony of Diego Munoz. AKA: Secret Lovers...

So last night on scandal…

Huck’s wife Kim goes to David Rosen with those missing files and says she wants him to press charges against the B613 dudes and Diego Munoz, her HUSBAND, will testify against them. 

Who in the world is Carmen Santiago? I mean, Diego Munoz? Well, Hucking Huck of course! 

Huck plays dumb with the “I can’t recall” lines, until he started having flashbacks. He remembered his past with his wife and son, and spilled the beans. Huck made everyone cry retelling his experience in the B613 hole. 

David Rosen decides to don his white hat again and go after B613. Jakey freaks the f-out over this, and you can tell he’s wondering what Pappa Pope will do when HE finds out! 

Abby and Leo prep the VP gal Susan and Leo makes her cry. Abby and Leo fight, he walks out, then later walks back in, and the two kiss and make up.

Abby needs Olivia’s fast talking ways to get the new VP gal Susan in line, and back on board. In the process, the light bulb goes on in Liv’s head and she realizes that Fitz is the problem, not Susan. I'm waiting to see what Susan does. She's kinda kooky and me likes it! 

 Olivia tells off the President for the whole West Angola face that started a thousand wars thing. “You made a mockery of democracy,” she screams. And she made a rhyme. He yells back “You know why!” 

Olivia gets back her neighbor Lois back after Rose comes looking for her. We all learn the history and background of Lois and Rose. They've been secretly in love for over 40 years, but that whole being black and lesbian in the south didn't go over too well. They were separated, reunited, and together. Sadly, this is the end of their relationship.  Rose tells Olivia "I've waited over forty years" for Rose, she can wait a bit longer to get her back, even just to bury her. Both Liv and Rose attend Lois’ funeral….so sad. 

In the end, Olivia is alone in her apartment. She tosses out that stained couch cushion, opens a new bottle, and sits down with a huge ol' bowl of popcorn. Dinner of single women everywhere. 

So now we know Huck's real name. I don't care that he's Diego and that's a cool name. He's still Muther-Hucking-HUCK!

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