Monday, December 15, 2014

Beta by Jasinda Wilder

So I read the first book, Alpha, and couldn't really connect with the characters. Despite that, I decided to read to see where the story goes and if there was more to this follow-up novel than the first one. 

At first I thought "This one was so much better than Alpha"...and then it wasn't!!!! I don't even know what rating to give it. At first, I wanted to "Four-star" it because there was much more to this story line than the first and with the more action/adventure outside of the bedroom I was intrigued. Then, it ended and I was tempted to throw my Kindle against the wall. Seriously. But not really, because I really like my Kindle. So then, I wanted to one-star this bitch.

If you haven't read Alpha....STOP READING!!


Okay, so if you didn't go away, here's what happens. This story picks up shortly after Alpha ends. Valentine Roth and Kyrie are jet, yachting around the country. Happy Happy, then Kyrie wakes alone with a note that says "He belongs to me".

Okay, so then comes bodyguard and ultimate bad-ass Harris to the rescue. He figures out what's happening and knows it's connected to Roth's past. Roth has been kidnapped and held captive by some sadistic ex-lover named Gina, the daughter of a crime-boss and drug/gun runner that Roth worked with when he was younger. She's a freakazoid!!  Kidnaps him and takes him back to her place. Proceeds to drug him
with some crazy experimental drug that increases his libido and stamina and who knows what else. She ties him up, ultimately, making him have sex with her against his will. Um, last time I checked, that was called RAPE. Not a fan. While I can deal with the overabundance of sex and um, unusual situations and positions (some just seem completely unrealistic. Or maybe I'm just not that adventurous. Or bendy), the drug/rape/torture scenes are not my scene.

Anyhoo - back to the story.

So here comes Harris - he jumps into action, kicks some bad-guy behinds, and recruits others to save Roth. Kyrie meanwhile, is whiney as ever and freaking out over the guns. Listen honey, when bad buys are shooting, you shoot back to save your man. Period. Big girl panties - pull them up!

So, Roth gets saved, bad guys go down, and then....a fricken major cliffhanger! 

Then a note from the author that the story may not continue:
 “WILL there be a book three? The truth? I’m not sure.”

WHAT?! Wait, WHAT?? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!!

Oh, HELL to the NO!!!!!

I can't do it. I won't do it. I'm out. You can't leave readers hanging with a major story lines unresolved and a hanging plotline and have NO firm plans to continue the storyline. Bad author. Bad.

As The Man says (and quite often): "That's just some bullshit right there!"

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