Friday, December 12, 2014

Love Hacked by Penny Reid + Scenes from the City

Sandra Fielding is single and a successful Psychotherapist. She tries to date, but only ends up making her suitors cry. She hasn't been kissed (or ahem, anything else) for two years. She can't seem to help it - they open up about their issues, cry, and she sends them on their way with a referral to a colleague for more therapy. She usually ends the night alone. She always schedules her first dates at the local Indian restaurant. She tries to justify that it's because she loves their butter chicken. The reality is that she gets to look at the super sexy waiter, Alex.

Alex is quiet and has an attitude. Arrogant. Young. Somewhat dangerous with a voice that made Sandra swoon. She asked him questions about the menu just to hear him speak. Completely opposite of her usual dates - who are buttoned up, sweater vest duds. After an encounter with a man looks like Professor Honeydew goes bad, Sandra walks her date out the door and returns to her table to find Alex sitting where the melon once was. He tries to figure out what's going on - why does this woman make the men she's meeting cry? 

At first, he thought she was firing them. Then he thought she was breaking up with them. Then, he figured she was delivering bad news to them. When he finally realizes that she's a shrink and that these are actually dates, he's surprised. He accuses her of making her dates cry on purpose, and she freaks! Because she's freaked and now someone annoyed that he actually thinks she's doing this on purpose, she starts drinking the wine at her table. Quickly downing three glasses. After announcing that it's been nearly three long years since she's been kissed, she stumbles off to the ladies room and exits to find Alex standing there. Let's just say...her kiss clock was reset! 

Sandra tries to deny what she feels for Alex because he's younger than her. And he exhibits some strange behaviors. When they finally do get together -- it's ZING! 

This may be my favorite book in the series. Sandra and Alex are hilariously fun. I seriously laughed my ass off at Sandra's t-shirts, and need to scour the interwebs for a few for myself.

Scenes from the City gave an insight into the lengths that Alex would go to make Sandra happy. When he makes good on one of her "Things to Do Before I Have Children Because They Might Get Me Arrested" list, he solidifies that a) he loves her and b) they're both crazy! 

Go get Scenes from the City NOW. Only a few days left to grab this novella and all proceeds to go Toys for Tots!!  How awesome is that? 

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