Saturday, January 31, 2015

Scandal Season 4,Ep10: Run. AKA: Girl, you in some danger!

Olivia is kidnapped. Jake runs out in his chonies to try and follow her and sees a car driving away. Reality is that she’s in the apartment across the hall
Bad dudes that have her, and little old neighbor lady Lois are watching undie-clad Jake and laughing. They set him up. 

Bad dudes kill the neighbor, throw Olivia in a van, and tell her that it’s time to start bargaining. Trade your life for cash, call in favors. She tells them she knows that they aren’t the ones in charge and calling the shots so no bargaining. 

Why why why is there a FSOG commercial on? And WHY am I shortening Fifty Shades of Grey to FSOG?

Olivia wakes up in a room with crumbling walls with some dude that we find out is a reporter named Ian McClellan. They hear the call for prayer and think they’re in the Middle East somewhere. Ian doesn't know how long he's been there. Liv is asking questions and he has no clue. He can't help her. He freaked about. He tells her there was another dude that paid his ransom, but he was tortured and killed instead. Things aren’t looking good. 

Liv thinks that someone want her there for a reason. As she's carted off to the bathroom, she's checking out the surrounding areas, doors, and window locations. That potty is Nas-Tay! She lines the seat with TP. Damn girl, don't you have better things to worry about than butt germs?

Ian breaks down and tells Olivia the sad truth... They are not going home. Olivia says no way dude. I'm going to save us because I'm OP. Damn Straight. She confesses that if she's missing, the President of the United States will be looking for her.

Liv gets Ian to check her back for a tracking device because that's what he did to her mother. When no device is found, she knows it’s not her Papa Pope that is behind her kidnapping. 

While taking another potty break, Liv feels a breeze and goes MacGyver and uses the underwire from her bra to open the window, except the evil dudes come in and catch her. She smacks one of them but the other grabs her and throws her back in her cell. Bad dude 1 says she needs to pay and holds a gun to her. She taunts him. Do it! To make her pay, they take Ian and kill him instead. She's on the floor in a daze.
She’s passed out and wait….who’s that. HOLY BAD ASS JAKE TO THE RESCUE!!

Er, um. Wait. Now she’s in a hot shower with Fitz, then having breakfast with him  at the Vermont house. She’s made a ton of jam. White Hat Jam. Remember Tom? The Secret Service dude? He is there too. Tom tells Olivia she asked him to come and protect her. Then she’s walking around the property with a dog, and Abby shows up! Abby gets in her face. Tells Olivia she didn't choose Fitz. Where is Mellie? The kids? Really, you make jam? Where is Huck? Where is Jake? He rescues you then what? Abby gives her something to think about:  She has to rescue herself. Last thing Abby says to Olivia is that she dropped something. Lying in the dirt is a pipe fastener.

Olivia is back in the cell all alone. It was all a hallucination. 

She goes MacGyver with her bra again and just when she thinks she can get out from the bathroom window, it's been covered by bricks. She collapses on the floor and is losing her shit when she sees that pipe fastener under the sink. MacGyver bra again to get the pipe to bash in BadGuy1, takes his gun and runs into BadGuy2 and pops him between the eyes and gets out. Except, she's not in the street.

It's a video projection. Ian wasn't really a captive reporter. He's in on it. He got her secret. He knows about Olivia and the President. He loves her. Will never stop looking for her. It's all fake. She's in a warehouse. The VP is behind it so he can get his war.  Wow.

What's happening? Don't know. 
Here's what I do know: I know that Lizzie is involved, and the creepy VP as well. Fitz is looking freaked out. 

Wanna know what else I know? Don't do a Google search for Jake + Underwear (or any variation). Just don't. Or maybe do.... :)

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