Sunday, February 1, 2015

#TripleX by Christine Zolendz and Angelisa Stone

What happens when two forty-something’s have the shit hit the fan in their lives? Well, they go on an epic road trip across the country and land themselves in jail. The story starts with them being woken up by the jailer and taken in front of the judge. The story unfolds as they are telling the judge all the things that led up to their arrest for swimming naked in the fountain of the Bellagio hotel.

TripleX is not what you think. And Oh No, this isn't Thelma and Louise. It's Christine and Angelisa – one is a writer and the other is a teacher.

“I’m getting a new class of hoodlums who won’t be able to spell their own names without looking down at the name on their McDonald’s nametag”
Both are struggling with their weight, body image, self concept, and lack of attention from their husbands. One caught her husband cheating on her, and the other had her husband move out of the house for work.

What ensues on this road trip is hilarity! They do everything from steal Angelisa's brother's car, have a humiliating experience and vow to change their appearance and have a farewell to food fire, rack up charges on the cheater's credit card, stop in new cities and explore what there is to explore, and most importantly, they find themselves.

“I’m finding where I put my smile, Jake. My laughter. My fearlessness, because honestly, they’ve been gone too long.”

So many fun times in here! Seriously - I laughed my ass off at the Jake Ryan references. I not only read the lines, but said them in my head as I would when watching the movie.
Who the hell is this?” a voice snapped

“Christine. Who the hell is this?” I snapped right back

“Jake.” Oh shit it’s her brother

“Jake who?” I asked innocently

“Jake Ryan.”

“Wait…what? Jake Ryan?” I asked in awe

“Yes, Jake Ryan. Where is Angelisa?” he said

“She’s in the bathroom, which isn’t as important as the fact that you are Jake Ryan – like the guy from the John Hughes movie, Sixteen Candles?” There was silence on the other end of the phone…. “Say ‘Happy Birthday Samantha, make a wish’”

 If you're in your forties, you might be able to relate:
“I am forty. My bladder thinks it’s hysterically funny to let go of whatever it might be holding at the most precarious of times.” 

If you’re dealing with body issues and weight gain that comes when you age, you might be able to relate
“I hated those whispers. I hated the judgmental words used by people who had no understanding of what it was like to be me. I hear it all the time. I hear it in my own damn head”

If you grew up in the 80s, you might be able to relate:
"The Eighties to me was full of high, crispy hair, hardened with Aquanet hairspray"

Without being preachy, the book gives some good advice. You’ll learn to realize that change is easy, marriage is hard but with the right person – totally worth it, the best friendships are not always those that start in person, and a few new colorful curse-words as well. Most importantly, you’ll learn to love yourself. Just go read already and have a good time ! 

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