Sunday, May 17, 2015

Scandal Season 4, Ep 22: You Can't Take Command. AKA: OUT! Get OUT!

So – season finale. Big stuff, right? Here’s what happened:

Last week Mellie met a donor. He was introduced as some rich southern dude and needed her help. He hands her a file that is “important” to him – only, it’s loaded with pictures of her and the cheezy VP Andrew. He threatens to out her, and her husband over Remington and then demands she asks what he wants. Oh, just a list. A list of names. 

Then, it’s on to B613 trial time. The jurors are all there, they listen to Jake testify. Then, emergency call. All the jurors are on the bus in the parking garage. Dead. David Rosen isn’t willing to die to bring down Command. 

Mellie realizes what the list was, and what happened to all the jurors and runs to Cyrus. Tells him what happened, that she was protecting herself and the President, mentions Remington and Cyrus goes into action. “I’ll take care of it. Don’t tell Fitz.” Out he runs.

Olivia has a strange visit with Mama Pope who calls her Boo and reminds her that she’s living in a fantasy world that does not revolve around her. Ouch. Reminds her that Papa has covered his tracks so well that no one is looking for him, as he doesn’t really exist. Liv then goes to the head of the CIA (remember her?) with Jake in tow and rants about B613. Ms. CIA-woman has both Olivia and Jake arrested. She then runs into Cyrus who basically tells her she can’t do a darn thing about some top secret agency that may or may not exist. 

Then, Rosen and Cyrus face off, and Cyrus threatens Rosen with Abby, saying he’ll have her killed. Cyrus makes a deal with Mama Pope that hands her a get out of jail free card. That's right, Mama Pope is OUT! Rosen then has Olivia and Jake sign a statement retracting their B613 statements, again, holding their loved ones over their heads. Papa Pope cleaned house of all the documents and agents that could identify him.  Seems like Olivia and Jake are defeated…until, HuckleberryQuinn conversations recall the 2 bazillion dollars that they smuggled and hid. They use that to frame Papa, and claim that his alter-ego Anthropologist self has been siphoning off funds from his fancy museum job. So Command didn’t go down, but the man behind it, in his Clark Kent persona, did end up in jail. 

Mellie wins the election, happy-happy, celebration, until Lizzy has a chat with Fitz and lets the whole donor/list thing slip.  Fitz sees who it is, and knows what’s up. When they get back, Mellie is making plans for her future Presidency and Fitz loses his shit. Tells her she’s cray-cray if he’s going to let her run the country after what she did – Mellie has her typical deer-in-the-headlights look, and he kicks her the hell out! OUT! Out of his house! Out of his life! Then, he lays into Cyrus and kicks him to the curb! What the WHAT? 

Both have been escorted out. Methinks this is not the last we will see of Cyrus. 

Much later, you see Quinn bust into the office and hold a gun to Huck’s head. HUCKING HUCK!! He did it! She knew it once she saw the carnage. Huck says he didn’t have a choice – he was saving his family. She says she should just kill him. He screams “DO IT!” He’s officially off his meds again. 

Finally, in the seemingly never-ending triangle of Jake-Olivia-Fitz: Jake tells Olivia he did his job. He kept her safe per Fitz, and Command is in jail. He won’t come in despite her invitation because while he loves her, she loves him. He tells her to go. She does. While Fitz was knocking at her door, she was waiting on his balcony. Cue sappy music. The two are finally together. 

Summary: OUT:  Mellie, Cyrus, Mama Pope. In: Papa Pope. And Olivia and Fitz. In the bedroom that is...LOL. 

Also possibly out:  Jake. Huck. 

So really – who is more evil: Papa Pope or Cyrus? I’m not so sure anymore. Cyrus is just cut-throat. PP isn’t going down this easy, so something will go on there. Then there’s Jake. JAKE. Where is he going? First, Shonda makes me think he’s dead. Then she brings him back only to send him away again? Come on!! Give the guy a break! Quinn has Huck and Charlie (both twisted dudes), Abby has Rosen and Leo (who’s been absent the last few episodes), and Olivia had Fitz and Jake. Now she’s down to one dude. Huh? How? Give Jake to somebody. Lizzy? Mellie? No, no smelly Mellie for Jakey-poo.

He can’t be written out. Normally, season finale’s leave people dead – but this one did both: left a bunch of one-show characters dead, and “killed” a few others leaving us all wondering what happens next? Where does the show go from here? I have no idea….I’m so confused. I have all summer to get over it I guess. 

Other random thoughts: There was some conversation between Olivia and Fitz on the phone and while Liv calls VP Susan a national treasure, Fitz calls her a mess and Muppet. My brain went here…

Off to watch my new obsession, Salem. How did I not know about this show? It’s pretty darn good!  

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