Sunday, October 4, 2015

Scandal Season 5, Ep 2: Yes. AKA: Just call me Ms. Mistress!

Yes, I know I didn’t post a full review of Episode 1. Why? Because I was pissy. I get the “ripped from the headlines” stories but pulling a Princess Di storyline? Listen, I’m not a Princess fan. Couldn’t bloody care about the royal family and their brood. It just seemed cheep and too easy for Scandal. So – poo. I didn’t post. Whatver. Back to my snarky commentary about this week’s episode. 

So, at the end of last week, Sally Langston dropped a bombshell! Up close and personal photos of The President and The Fixer. Fitz and Olivia. Lip-lock. 

Oh Sally!

She’s just outed the President and Liv and their little love fest! Fitz wants answers and wonders where the leak is coming from. Fitz wants David Rosen to find out what happened. Abby and Lizzy want him to make a statement. 

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Says Abby. Lizzy, freaking out and thinking that Fitz’ demand for Olivia means that they’re going to do a dual press conference, is promptly schooled by Abby. Olivia is always in control – and she’s handling things her way. 

 “The President is about to get Poped!”

She’s on her way out to fix her own scandal, and Sally is on her tail. 

She goes to Quinn’s house and steals her clothes and wine, demanding cases to distract her from her own drama. She wants to work and get away from the press and questions. 

Meanwhile, the press is demanding information from the president. Mellie wants an apology, for throwing her out and making Liv America’s Mistress. 
She wants an apology and she’ll help cover for Liv and make up a George Glass boyfriend. Fitz accuses her of leaking the photos, and she denies it, claiming it would hurt her presidential plan. Mellie eggs him – “Say the magic words Fitz” - apologize. He says: “Get. Out!” 

“Malarkey and DooDoo!” Screams Vice President Susan. Fitz wants David to go after Mellie. VP is stuttering….Oh. Oh. Lightbulb. On. David goes to investigate Mellie’s computers. She’s pissy and calls him a two-bit, bus stop divorce attorney.

Olivia is in the wind, the press is hovering, Jake and Huck return. Olivia is interviewing the young wife of a deceased older man. The son, Gavin Price, or as his college friends know him “G-Preezy” is on the run after being bailed out of jail, accused of murdering his father.  

Jake: How does a guy facing a murder charge even get bail?
Quinn: By being Rich and White. 

Word. Shonda Rhymes speaks the truth. Ahem…moving on. 

Step-mommy wants step-son found before anyone knows he’s missing. He’s ditches his phone, pawned his daddy’s watch, but Quinn helps Liv track him down and she finds him at a casino. He says table is cold, she says she can warm it up. He tells her he’s not interested in sex, she pretends to drop her phone and handcuffs his ankle to the chair. Jake steps in and helps. Gavin says he didn’t do it, he was arguing with dad about a house he was building and out of money. Says step-mommie-dearest did it, since she was having an affair and her pre-nup would prevent her from getting a cent. Investigation into daddy’s will shows he was changing his will – to cut out Gavin for forging checks for his house build. 

While they’re at a diner, Liv is recognized and suddenly mobbed with people wanting selfies with lover-girl. Jake to the rescue! While distracted, Gavin ditches them. Later, Liv is in a hotel room, replaying conversations about Jake-Fitz in her head. Jake comes back and finds her teary eyed, and gives her a beer (they couldn’t find wine), telling her the photos of her at the diner are on the interwebs. On the upside, a car reported stolen from the parking lot – Quinn is tracking it to find Gavin. Jake gets comfy next to Liv, drinks his beer and she starts to chat. 

“When did it happen. When did I turn right instead of left?” What one step caused her to get there. She tells Jake she’s scared, he says he knows. Jake ends up providing her comfort by spooning with her in bed. 

The next day, they end up finding Gavin at his unfinished house. Claims he was called a weasel all his life, he got mad at daddy and pushed him. Boo hoo. 

Meanwhile, back at Pope Headquarters, a reporter comes in and asks questions about Liv, Huck is ready to go cray on him, and Quinn manhandles and handles it. 
Later, Quinn finds Huck at a bar, and starts talking and he tells her to go away. She says she’s not much different than him. She’s not his all American girl. He says something is wrong with him, and she’s all “yah, me too.” Huck says he missed her. He missed her a lot. 

Cryus calls Abby saying she just wrote Kimmel’s monologue. Tells her to be the adult, repeats it again and again, she asks if he’s day drinking (haha), and Cyrus tells her to be the adult, make Fitz the child, and don’t ask him to move Mellie back in, just make them do it.  Abby does a press conference announcing Mellie’s return, Cyrus and Abby continue to talk, leading her to the insider with motive to leak those photos and out the President. 

Fitz tells the VP Susan she needs to fill in for him, and she asks him “do you think about us? The people that voted for you? While you’re having an affair, do you think about the people that voted for you?” He says he’s a flawed person, just like anyone else. She says that’s not the job he signed up for. He can’t be just like everyone else. 

Abby asks Fitz if he knows where Liv is, and has he seen the photos. He says yes, and he knows who she is with. Fitz calls Mellie and says he’s sorry and wants her to come home. He also calls Liv and tells her to stay away – she doesn’t want this, referring to the scandal and intrusion in her life. 

David Rosen discovers Mellie’s key code was used to access the server, but she didn’t download the photos. Her emails, however…Abby reads Rosen’s report and finds something juicy. Lizzie finds Mellie back in the room, she’s not happy. Liz is pissy about it and tells Abby she’s done – get out. Abby tells her she knows that Lizzy is the one that leaked the photos to Sally Langston! Abby doesn’t want to work for Lizzy, she wants to be equal. They can both be adults, or she can make Lizzy her bitch. 
Power. Abby. Boom. 

The show ends with Liv cornered by the press. They’re asking if she’s the president’s mistress. She hesitates, then…YES. YES. YES!!!

Holy. Eff. Really? I saw that coming, but wow – I can’t wait for the next episode. I trust you Shonda. Don’t let me down. No more cheesy princess stories. Drama. Fast Talking Liv. That’s what I need.
Until next week…

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