Wednesday, February 10, 2016

When did TV-Land become hip? The best of television: Younger on TVLAND

Have you watched one of the best new shows on t.v.? You may have missed it because it’s on TVLand. Yes, TVLand. The network of old re-runs and shows that fill our childhood memories. But what is this? New and exciting programming? Absolutely. 

You know they started with the show Hot in Cleveland, and while that show brought in some spark, it wasn't what hooked me. Two new shows have done that. The first took an old novel, threw in some Darren Star produced magic and made it the best thing on television. 

Where are all my forty-somethings at? You know who you are – you sat around and waited for our favorite shows…9010, Melrose Place, Sex in the City. The same man that brought you those gems, has done it again with Younger. 

I first heard of this show last year, when a friend sent me a clip of Hilary Duff's character reading her Kindle in bed. I thought the clip was funny and thought I'd watch, but then....poof. Off my radar. Why, probably because it was on TVLand. And, well. I just forgot. Then, I was home for the school break and binge watched the show before Season 2 started. I was hooked.

The premise is simple. Based on a book with the same title written by Pamela Redmond Satranm, the show is about 40-year-old Liza (Sutton Foster), a woman just divorced, a mother to a young, traveling college student, who trying to start her life over and get back to work. Except, she finds it’s impossible to start anywhere without experience (which she doesn’t have), and even more difficult at her age. With the help of her BFF Maggie, and a dare gone wild, she gets a younger makeover and passes herself off as a 26-year old! She has to quickly learn social media, twenty-something lingo, fashion, and the world of publishing in the digital age. She finally lands something, and the fun begins! 

Here are my Top 10 Reasons you should be watching Younger:

1. Sutton Foster is adorable, and it’s not impossible to believe that she really is in her 20s. She’s that good. Funny, a bit dorky and insecure, she’s a character that we can see as ourselves. Maybe we can’t pull off being a hip 26-year old (mid-thirties – absolutey!), but many in their forties age range can relate to the age gap, digital divide, changing world of work, and the pressure to remain “young” and in-touch with the millennial generation. Hell, I have to hear this every day on a college campus! She pulls it off.  

2. Co-workers Kelsey (Hillary Duff) and Lauren Heller (Molly Bernard). Hillary Duff’s character is adorable, smart, and like many her age, driven and determined to make it in her field. Molly Bernard is quirky, unique, and the fun party gal you want along for the ride. The three of them make a great team when they’re out and about.   

3. BFF Debi Mazar. She’s everyone’s BFF in their head. Has the best answers to your problems. Let’s you crash on her couch. Non-judgmental. Brutally honest. Snarky and Bitchy with love. She’s the one that comes up with the “fake it” plan to get Liza a job. It works! She is an artist and fabulous in this show. Her look reminds me of the original Barbie! Love her! LOVE! 

4. Hot younger boyfriend Josh played by Nico Tortorella. Yes, the fake Liza lands a real twenty-something boy-toy. They meet at a bar, he asks for her number, and you find out he’s a tattoo artist and runs his own joint. This is a bit different from the novel, but hey, you have to stay trendy right? So instead of being a game programmer, he’s a tattoo artist. Did I say he was hot? He’s sweet, deals with Liza even knowing her “secret.” Although he struggles with it at first, he doesn’t care. Did I mention he’s hot? Find Nico on Instagram. Now. You’ll thank me later. 

5. Bitchy boss Diana Trout. Yes, Trout. Jokes about the name can commence…now! Played by Miriam Shor, she’s older, refuses to believe she can’t have any man she wants, and she’s bitchy. Hilariously so. 

6. Bitchy boss’s boss? Charles Brooks. Just sounds like an executive name, right? Charles Brooks. Man in a suit. And he wears that suit well! He’s all kinds of handsome, played by Peter Herman (who is married to Mariska Hargitay of SVU fame!). He’s flirty with Liza, and damn. You know if he knew what/who/how old she really was…there’d be some action. It’s only season 2, so anything is possible. 

7. Awesome fashion trends in every episode. Seriously, I couldn't pull off half of this shit, but that didn't stop me from watching Sex in the City and wishing I had a closet full of Manolo's. It's a fashion parade and you can't help but watch and smile as it goes by. 

8. You know of this author just like you know Carrie Bradshaw. You do. Trust me. You know her quotes, you just may not know they’re from her. Try this one on for size:
“A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ..... a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black
lace bra... ” Yah. Now you know. This of course is from the book “30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She’s 30”


9. It’s fresh. It’s fun. Even the men in the room will enjoy it. Really. I had the hubster watching with me one night and while he tried to hide it, he laughed. Finally got him to not fight me when I want to watch it live, and admit “It’s not that bad…” which is Alpha-man for “your chick show is pretty funny.”

10. and Finally: Smart writing and awesome one-liners!! Darren Star can produce the shit out of a show, but the writing combo of Star and Redmond Satranm make the show as good as the book. That’s not easy, but they make it work.   Hilarious one-liners you will repeat to your friends
How fast can you memorize, tweet, and recite the lines from the show? They’re funny! Some of the ones I snorted at:  

  • Trout needs to get ready for a date and needs waxing: “Book me an appointment. North pole, south pole, and the equator”
  • “Damn, I miss slamming down the phone”
  • "Are you in the wine business? "NO, I just drink a lot of it"
  • Josh: “Babe, you're not a millennial.” Liza: “Yeah, well, Dr. Dre’s not a doctor.
  • “Why am I nasty? What's wrong with truffle butter? Google it. Now"
  • When talking about an old flame…Josh: "She's batshit crazy. She keeps climbing up my fire escape." Liza: "Is that butt stuff?" 

Younger is on Wednesday nights. Check your local listings and find TVLand on your favorite provider. Or not. You don’t have to DVR that shit – check out their website for episodes. Scour the interwebs for the first season (not on Netflix, but you can find it on Amazon), then dive into Season 2.

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