Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beneath the Cape...A Superhero Anthology supporting the Wounded Warriors Project. Christine Zolendez, Cheryl McIntyre, Angela McPherson, Nichole King...

What happens when a bunch of bad-ass authors come together to write about Superheroes? A whole lot of goodness!

Beneath the Cape has something for everyone:

* A little steamy love story of two opposing forces: good and evil, banding together to take down an uber-villain.

* A little bit of supernatural and shape-shifting. Meow!

* Some mystery and drama – just WHAT is going on in that hospital?

* Some heroes that have no other super power than their voice.

* Some that can strike fear…and a few other things, with the whip of their hands. Sparks absolutely flying in this story!!

It’s an eclectic collection of short stories that will not only keep you entertained, but leave you wanting more! At least two of the stores NEED to be written into full length novels, and the cliffhangers imply that there’s more coming. Can’t wait to read what is released next!

The best part – all the proceeds benefit the Wounded Warriors Project. Heroes. Donation. BAM. NO brainer.

Go get this one while you can. For added bonus: purchase on Amazon Smile and select WWP as your charity.

*ARC received in exchange for honest review*

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