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Frisk Me (NY Finest #1) by Lauren Layne

Ava Sims is a tough talking reporter, after a story that could launch her career into the national spotlight. Luc Moretti, the reluctant hero is a stand-up cop who was captured on film jumping into a river to save a young girl. He’s become “that guy” the one with thousands of views of his video saving the girl on the internet.  

 Ava’s been assigned to do a story on Luke, the NYPD, and the man behind the uniform. The only problem is that Luc wants nothing to do with the story, or Ava. 

He’s not interested in having himself be thrust into the spotlight any more than he already has been, he’s keeping a few secrets he doesn’t want revealed, and he’s not looking for a relationship. 

Ava is ambitious, and has no room for distractions but needs this story, and Luke’s cooperation, to reach her end goal. 

 The two are forced to work together, and butt heads at nearly every step. As with other stories by Lauren Layne, you know that these two frienemies are bound to get together eventually. The buildup is a slow burn…a VERY slow burn. 

Beyond the two lead characters, you’re also introduced to Luke’s Italian family. Enter the hilarious and outspoken grandmother Nonna. She’s the grandmother that gets in your business, blurts out inappropriate comments, and states the obvious. Loved her! Honestly, I think I waited for her involvement more than anything. Luke’s mom and retired police captain father, his brothers (also in uniform), and defense attorney sister make for a boisterous bunch. 

While I enjoyed the read, there were a few things that made me frustrated:

First – seriously, these two needed to get out of their own heads and just talk to each other. It seemed like the bickering and closing off of emotions was a bit forced. I get the whole broody-male thing, but it didn't seem to match the rest of his personality.

Secondly, (and this has nothing to do with the plot but it is a problem with prior books as well), Luc is described with “deep blue eyes…dark hair and Italian coloring”…so what does the guy on the cover look like?  A California surfer. Blond, light skinned – come on! This guy looks more like Owen Wilson than Luke Wilson!! Can’t you find a model to at least somewhat match your character description? Maybe this is just my beef, but it’s annoying, and it happened with one of my favorite characters of all time (Chloe from Crushed) and now this one. *sigh* /endrant.

While this wasn’t my favorite Lauren Layne novel, it won’t stop me from reading more as I do enjoy her easy writing, witty dialogue, and sassy characters. This is the first in a series that will focus on the Moretti brothers.

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Lauren Layne used to work in e-commerce. She wore cute shoes and big-girl clothes like an adult. Then she was like, nope, changed into her pajamas and started writing romance novels.  She believes in sarcasm, weekday happy hours, and happily ever after. 

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