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Katherine in Gold by J.B. Hartnett Book Tour!

Katherine in Gold is the second installment of the Beach Brides series. In this unique romance, we follow the story of Katherine and Holst. A tale of shaking off the past, embracing the future, and finding true love. **Can be read as a stand-alone**
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*Warning: this is a love story with sexual situations and copious swearing. It also deals with an inappropriate relationship between an underage girl and a much older man.
When Katherine Symes experiences heartbreak at the age of twenty, she picks herself up, dusts herself off, and declares no man will ever break her again. The independent, potty-mouthed Katherine makes no apologies for how she lives her life. Marriage, babies, and husbands are ideas she’s never even entertained. There is only one thing she’s never had the guts to do.
Open her own cafe.
The day of her best friend’s engagement, a stranger bulldozes his way into her life. Handsome, tall, and annoying as hell, he pushes all her buttons. A mutual acquaintance introduces them, and the stranger, Holst Rutherford, wastes no time in presenting Katherine with half ownership in a coffee shop he wants to open in Laguna Beach; he just doesn’t want to do it alone.
Can she put up with Holst to achieve her lifelong dream?
Holst moved to the coastal town of Laguna Beach with clear intentions: a fresh start, concentrate on his new business, and enjoy the beach at his doorstep. After ending a toxic relationship, he never considered entering a new one. But there is something about the ever-combative Katherine which makes him realize she could be much more than a business partner. She just might be the one.
However, she is going to need a little convincing


He looked around my bedroom for some weird reason, then said, “Baby?” He dipped his head so he was right against my ear. “You aren’t weak, and I’m sure you can take care of yourself, but I think it’s time you let a man help who will make sure, when all is said and done, you have someone to walk out of battle with at your side.”
Fuck, I was gonna fall in love with him, that dirty, sneaky, big-dicked, perfect-mouthed, motherfucker.
Apparently, he got all that from the look on my face and smiled. “At least you didn’t say what you were thinking out loud.”

My Review: 

For my friends:
Bitch, just go read this book before I have to hurt you. Seriously Dude, just do it. 

For everyone else: 

Katherine in Gold is the second in the Beachy Brides series – that focuses on a group of friends living in the laid-back beach town of Laguna, California. Katherine is a tough-talking, independent woman who isn’t afraid to live her life by her own terms. She’s written off marriage, kids, the whole shebang. There’s only one thing she wants more than anything…Katherine has had a long time dream of opening her own cafe. 

She tells this to her friend Tori (from Book 1), who tells another friend, who tells another friend…and in walks Holst. The man she both wants to kill because he annoys the crap out of her, and the man that can make her dream a reality. Holst is described as “Clint Eastwood. He’s all calm and cool. Eastwood-Zen, that what he is…and he’s hot.” He also reminds her of a man from her past – one that took her heart and never really gave it back. 

Now here’s where I HAVE to give the warning: the man from per past is a 100% dick. There isn’t anything graphic, but her past, one that she must confront so she can move forward, deals with a much older man getting involved with, and taking advantage of, a young teenage girl. For years. Like I said: Dick. 

Anyhoo – back to the good parts. Katherine and Holst decide to go for it – start their business. It doesn’t take long for that business partnership to move into something much more. Holst doesn’t put up with her crap. She snarky, has attitude, is cranky, and talks trash to him…and that’s what he loves about her. 

After the two see each other naked by mistake (his naked is physical, hers – emotional), the two find they are under each others skin and don’t want out. But…how make it work? That’s where the story gets fun.  

“There was much more to Katherine, and each and every time I was in her presence, I felt a pull to learn exactly what it was.”

While it’s not necessary to read the first book to understand this one, it does provide background on all the friends. Tori and Cam, Dee and Frodo, Ruby, Drew, and others all make appearances (some more than others). 

Hartnett wins again with this one – it’s sweet, frustrating, just a tad bit angsty, funny, hot, and swoon-worthy. My favorite characters are those that I can either see bits of myself (hello, I am Katherine), or my gal-pals (yes, they’re all there as well), and makes me want to hang out with these fictional people. She does a perfect job of capturing the Laguna lifestyle, the language of friends in Southern California (throwing insults at your besties!), and pop-culture references for those that grew up in the 80’s. Living in SoCal, I can tell you…Dude is a noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, expletive, and can be used singularly or as a phrase. Dude. I loved this book (and frankly all her others as well) and can’t wait for the next one. 

Have you met Cameron & Victoria from Bride in Bloom (Book One) yet? 

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