Monday, April 13, 2015

Game of Thrones. Season Premere "Wars to Come" AKA: Burn baby, Burn!

In a flashback scene, Cersei is seen visiting a witch about her children and her rule as queen. Cersei will be ”queen for a time, then comes another. Younger. More beautiful. To cast you down and take all you hold dear.” Hmm. Is she talking about Daenerys? 

Says she will have three children, with gold crowns and gold shrouds. Hmm. Seems like witchypoo knew what she was talking about. 

 Back to the present, Cersei and Jamie are mourning their father, and discuss how to keep those that would overthrow them out. Cersei is now the one in power, since her young king is too young to really rule. Cersei is only focused on finding and killing Tyrion. Says “At least Tyrion killed father on purpose” unlike Jamie to helped get his father killed by letting little brother go free. Ouch. Burn!

Cersei is seen later drinking some vino, while listening to others pay their condolences. Cousin Lancel is around, and Cersei talks to him about he wounds that needed healing. Lancel asks for forgiveness for leading Cersei into the darkness by tempting her into ‘unnatural relations’. Damn Cersei – getting it on with your brother, your cousin… 

Tyrion gets out of his crate, and proceeds to drink, puke, and drink again. Varys talks to him about the future of the country and says “Westeros needs to be saved from itself.” Varys urges Tyrion to align with Daenerys and create “a land where the powerful do not prey on the powerless.” 

Meanwhile, the golden angel/statue thingie comes crashing down off the pyramid in grand fashion. The Unsullied is seen smiling, then visiting a brother for a little comfort. The kind where he get to lay down, be held, and get his head chopped off by a member of the Sons of Harpy in a mask. No one can understand why he was at the brother, and Dani asks that the Sons be hunted down and the Unsullied be given a proper burial. 

One of the local noblemen tries to convince Dani to open the fighting pits as a wise political move. Dani replies, “I’m not a politician, I’m a queen.” She’s seen later in bed with Daario, who tells her she’s making a mistake and that she’s not the mother of Unsullied, she’s the mother of dragons. Dani confesses she’s lost control of her dragons. Daario shoots back: “A dragon queen with no dragons is not a queen.” She goes down to visit them and they freak out! They snap and  shooting fire at her. Bad dragons. Bad. Clearly they haven’t liked being chained up and left in the dark.  Daenerys backs away and leaves them there. At least she didn't get scorched like the goats!

Jon Snow (and I can’t say his name without saying in my head “You know nothing Jon Snow”) is training others. Stannis is plotting to take back the North but he needs Jon to get the Wildlings to join the fight. Jon talks to Mance Rayder about  and he says no way. He’s going to die standing and preserve his dignity than live and kneel, and the white walkers will come for them all. Mance refuses to enlist his people in a foreigner’s war. If he doesn’t concede, then he needs to burn to death. 

As he’s strung up and burned at the stake, Melisandre gives her speech about Stannis being the only king, those that choose the darkness shall perish. As Mance is burning and obviously in freak-out mode, John takes mercy on him and just like a popular 80’s song, shoots a [poision arrow] arrow through is heart-art-art-art. 

In other story lines: Littlefinger ditches his kid and goes off with Sansa to “a land so far from here that even Cersei Lannister can’t get her hands on you.” Brienne is in a bad mood and tells Podrick she’s not a knight, not a leader, not his mother. Maybe she’s still pissed that Arya got away from her. 

That’s all for this week. If you’ve been following the books, you know what’s coming. I can’t wait for the episodes this season as it should be another good one!

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