Friday, April 3, 2015

Scandal Season 4, Ep18: Honor Thy Father. AKA: Give me my hooch!

Jake is not the big fish, and will not be a witness against Papa Pope. He won’t sign. He won’t die. He’s not a white hat. According to Huck, he’s not even Jake anymore – he’s in Command-o, survival, mad-dog mode and cleaning house. 

David Rosen is taking down Command, and that includes Jakey if he doesn’t sign on to testify against B613. He convinces HuckleberryQuinn and Charlie to bring in retired B613 people and give them immunity to get to Jake. Only Jake is listening in on their plan and when three former agents are in a safe house, he makes it not so safe and it appears he's killed them all. Caught in the act by Charlie, they fight until Jake gets away. 

Charlie says he needs to kill Jake, and HuckleberryQuinn are convinced to get on board. Huck traces Jake’s cell phone movement and it leads directly to Olivia’s place. They get there and find Olivia with her Russell Franklin dude, and Jake is across the hall in Lois’s old place. He tells them Olivia is safe as long as they keep away from him. Charlie, HuckleberryQuinn and David pow-wow and decide they have to stand down. Rosen says he doesn’t need any other witnesses, as he saw Jake kill James Novack and others and he will testify. Jake is listening, of course. 

David and his assistant are walking to their car, Jake is waiting watching. He comes out and calls for David, telling him to take step aside. Holly is really the one that killed everyone and Jake takes her down. David has blood on his face again. Holly was B613 and was reporting to someone else. Geez - B613 is like Hydra! They're everywhere!! 

Each time Jake was listening, Olivia was there as well. She goes off on Huck telling him he needs to trust her. 

Jake tells Rosen “He’s coming.”  

OPP takes on Congressman Reed’s father’s case, who is accused of killing his daughter’s math teacher after she was found hanging in her closet. Seems the teacher was teaching more than math to the daughter.  The father confessed, and yet, Reed says he knows his father is innocent. When the gun is found in a dead woman’s house, Olivia discovers that it’s all a fake, and someone planted the gun. Reed’s father threatens him and tells him to shut the hell up. Seems dad is covering for his son, and said he would kill himself if Reed turned himself in. Reed confesses to Olivia. Olivia fast-talks Reeds father. Reed resigns and comes out to the public. 

Mellie’s half-sister Harmony is a crazy soap-selling hoot! Lizzy has her vetted but Mellie is not happy. Abby’s job is to keep her away from the press. The two get into some good ol’ fashioned mud-slinging and Harmony threatens that she has some dirt on Mellie that will come in handy one day. Mellie decides to drown her sorrows in some hooch. Seriously, it's her Daddy's moonshine! 

Later, Fitz tells Harmony that Mellie is jealous of her. Mellie’s bitchy ways are due to her own pain at losing her father to Harmony’s mother. The two hug it out and Harmony leaves. 

Seems like Olivia talks in her sleep about Red door and a ring. French, Farsi, Russian, and all kinds of other languages. Russell/Franklin and Alex/Olivia wake up together. She tries to say this was just a one-nighter, and he’s all ‘no way babe.’ Russell Franklin comes knocking, and Papa Pope is there by his side!! 

"Hello Clarice...." Um, I mean Olivia! Daddy's home! Holy Crap! Shizzle is goin’ DOWN!

Hold the phone, I have a few questions:
- First, who is this new dude that’s doin’ Olivia? Is he also B613 or did Papa Pope get to him and threaten him as well? 

- What is Jake really up to? 

- Isn’t it strange that HuckleberryQuinn and Charlie are all hanging out, when basically she’s lip-locked with both of them and told Huck he’s her lobster? And is Huck back with his wife so that would mean that Quinn out in the cold? Is Quinn with Charlie or is he just her booty call when she needs info? or something else?

- How many times is David Rosen going to watch someone get killed in front of him and have blood splatter on his face without screaming “What the HOLY EFF!???”

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