Sunday, April 19, 2015

Scandal Recap Seaon 4: Ep 13: I'm Just a Bill. AKA: Speechless.

Okay. Hang on. I think I can get through this. I had to watch twice just to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating. 

Papa Pope is back. 

Liv/Alex’s new boy toy Russell is Hydra and on Papa’s payroll. 
Seriously, I can't. 

Not yet. Just look.....Jake. *Sigh*

All I can say is this was me:

Here's the whole shizzle that went down: 

Olivia had to get the mayoral candidate Marcus Walker, who was shagging the current mayor Verrano’s wife, out of the room where her bloody body was lying. During their daily love fest, someone came in, and Marcus hid in the closet. He hears a scuffle, peeks out to find three men in masks. One grabs her, stabs her then breaks her neck. While she’s on the bed, he continues to stab her in the gut. They ransack the place, leave, and Marcus comes out to find his lover in a pool of blood and calls OPP to help. Olivia and gang discover that the Mayor is the one that had has wife killed. So, Marcus Walker has a difficult decision to make: Keep quiet, have Verrano resign and gain power and the mayoral race, or gain justice and have Marcus testify against Verrano and kill his political career. Marcus chose justice.

The VP is the one that can tip the vote on the “Brandon Bill” – the one that resolves the lawn chair episode (somewhat) and calls for reporting from law enforcement agencies on race in an effort to eradicate racial profiling. Sounds good, except, she actually reads the bill and has multiple questions. She’s basically calling the bill a bunch of bull, and that without enforcement and penalties, reporting is a suggestion not a requirement. She frustrates Cyrus, Mellie, David Rosen, and Fitz but in the end, gets her way and the bill is pulled to be rewritten to really enact change.  

Justice was also the reason that Liv chose to disobey her father’s “request” to have her clear his name and make the whole B613 thing go away. Her new man Russell shows up, Papa drugs him, and Papa tells Liv that she needs to fix his situation. He leaves, and Liv pretends that her and Russell just got really really drunk. Later, she consults with David and Jake, and they decide to go after Papa with Jake’s testimony. He talks about Operation Remington and reveals to David that Fitz is the one that shot down the civilian plane that was thought to have Mama Pope on board. Liv returns home, calls Russell (who doesn’t buy her story about his missing memories from the night before), and convinces him to make her forget about her complicated life.

Jake gets a text from Liv (or so he thinks) and goes to her office to find her. Russell is there in a mask and starts to fight with Jake. When Jake rips off his mask and realizes he knows him, Russell taunts him and says “Rowan always went on and on about how special you were” and stabs him. Tells him “you’re not even making this a challenge.”

Jake is down, Russell continues to stab him until he’s no longer moving. 

They fricken killed Jake. You bastards! 

The previews show Jake layed out on the conference table for everyone to find. I'm still in shock. Damn you Scandal! Damn you Shonda! 
I have to go.....until next week. 

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