Sunday, May 11, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man 2

Okay Mr. Co-worker friend. I accepted your challenge to see Spidey2 and give you my thoughts. Here's what he said:
"Spiderman 2 was anything BUT amazing. Still angry from wasting 2 and half hours...... AHHH! I would rather have a movie marathon with Daredevil, Electra, Catwoman, Batman & Robin, Wolverine and Transformers 3....I'll take Emo Peter from Spidey 3 over Emo Harry from this movie any day! Too much crying! Felt like a never ending soap opera. Villain development sucked. Max was basically the Riddler's story in Mr. Freeze's costume. And Rhino looked?! C'mon.That's just the tip of the iceberg.....
There's still the Hobbit looking Osborne family, a boring Stan Lee cameo, CGI SpiderMatrix Neo action, uploading via wifi 10 years ago in a free falling plane, miraculous electro underwear and oh yea, the little nerd boy at the end not getting shot or trampled..."


Here we go.

Okay, first - Daredevil? Really? Bad Actor Ben and his wife Electra? You've got to be kidding me. 

Batman and Robin - are we talking about Clooney/ODonnell? Or you goin old school TV on me with Adam West? 'Cause I could watch that cheese-fest all day long!

1. Of course it's too CGI. How in the world can you have Electro without it? Do we actually hook him up to electrical currents and have Jamie Foxx possibly fry himself? Real sparklers? He has other movies coming out! Although I do have to say, it was a bit too Tron by the end of it all.

2. Of course Peter is Emo! How can he not be after having a hand in all these deaths: Uncle Ben, his girlfriend's Dad, and Gwen Stacy herself. Dad told him to back off, but did he? Nooooooo. And now:  Gwen....splat. Just like in the comics, right down to the same dress.

If Peter is Emo, Henry is Emo. You can't have one Emo friend all alone so Harry has to be Emo as well. Duh! Plus, he had the hairdo!

3. Stan Lee cameo was done early, didn't have to wait for it. Could have been a bit more exciting if he was one of those saved from a flying car, but hey. He's old. Maybe he was tired. Needed to sit. Plus, the "I think I know that guy!" line tells me he saw Peter Parker in his Spidey mask

4. Electro Underwear? Where can I get me a pair?? I did see Rhino chonies early on, but no Electro-Undies...If you happen to find these, I wear a Medium. Just sayin'.

5. What other movies have three villains? THREE? Sure, they could have teased out Megatron-Rhino, but it was fine as it is. Otherwise, it'd be too Avengers-ish with a huge monster destroying NYC. They're trying to hold your attention, so you needed another villain once Electro sparked out.

Here's what you didn't tell me: There are some amusing parts of the movie!
  • Spiderman Ring tone!
  • At the Power Plant, the tune was "Itsy Bitsy Spider", to which Spidey states "I hate this song!"
  • When the doctor was torturing Electro, I fully expected him to turn to the camera and whisper "Hail Hydra"! He had the right accent. 
  • Spidey in a Fireman Hat! Don't ask me why I find this amusing, I just do. 
  •  I'm sure there were others....right? 
Bottom line - this is SONY's Marvel Movie. Not Marvel Universe. Not Disney. So.....yah. Not the same.
Here - this should help you sort it all out.

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