Monday, May 5, 2014

GoT: First of His Name

Well well well. What I originally thought was a snooze fest really really was an eye opening episode. See, second watchings are totally necessary. Here's what happened:

Tommin becomes king. Doesn’t look quite as smug as his dead brother, but he hasn’t hit full puberty and hormonal teen years, to we shall see what becomes of him.

Margaery looks upon Tommin, and mommie Cersei sneaks up for a chat. Even she knows that Joffrey was a twit.

"He would have been your nightmare...You knew what he was.  The things he did shocked me".

Wow Cersei, that's a freakin lot considering the shit you've done.

 “you’re still interested in being queen are you not?” She’s obviously pimping her ex-daughter-in-law to her other son.

 “I won’t even know what to call you? Sister, Mother?” 

Meanwhile, Cersei and daddy talk about finances. Cersei also has a heart to heart with Oberyn about how much she misses her daughter.  She's just full of conversation tonight.  

Danaerys will not settle for Westeros, she will rule as a queen. Her and her dragons will rule! Free them slaves and go rule those kingdoms girlfriend!

Lord Baelish enters casa Arryn with his quiche Lorraine. Or “niece Elaine”.  Sansa’s aunt Lysa welcomes her, while her cousin Robin talks about making the baby lanister child fly through the moon door. The minute the cousins walk out of the room, Auntie  Lysa jumps on Littlefinger's littlefinger.

 Apparently they must marry immediately. Tells him “I’m going to scream when my husband makes love to me”…unable to sleep, we find Sensa listening to what sounds like a wolf being killed under a full moon.  Ewww. 

But the real shit stopper is Little Fucking Finger of Death. That's my new name for Bealish. So LFFD had a hand in offing the twit Joffrey, but also was behind the killing of Jon Arryn (go back to the very first episode people). Not only that but he's the one who pushed for Ned Stark to be the Kings Hand to replace Arryn, and we all know how that turned out.  He also convinced Lysa to lie to her sister about the Lannister's being involved. He's a Fricken puppet-master pulling the strings of multiple kingdoms. He's evil and I love it!!

Lysa then talks to Sansa accusing her of being a whore like the ones Peter keeps in his brothels. Tells her once that dwarf is killed she will be free to marry Robin and be the lady of the veil. Eww. Double Ewww. Doesn't that kid still suck his mother's teet??

Then there was some fighting, eye rolling from kid Stark who channels Hodor to do some ass kicking.

The other holy crap moment was Fricken Arya. That bitch has some giant cajones, adding Hound to the list of name of people she's going to kill.  Then when she's sword dancing by herself, she actually stabs Hound with Needle!!!  Holy fucking shit girl! Of course, Hound bitch slaps her to the ground, but hey, she started it. 

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