Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dark Paradise, short story by Karina Halle now in print!

Need a little something to hold you over until Dark Angels is released?

Pick up this anthology "Moments in Time"  that includes the short story Dark Paradise from Karina Halle: 

 "Esteban turned his body so he was facing me and put his hand behind my neck, holding me there. His voice lowered. “Sometimes people come into our lives for just a second, just long enough to let us know that hope exists. Will you let me be your hope, if not for just this night?”

I didn’t have time to react before he kissed me.

It went deep, deep inside, stoking a fire I never knew had been building."

I was fortunate to read this short on Wattpad while she was writing it, and wow. WOW!!

Oh the things Esteban can do with his gun...just smokin' hot. 

Get it here: .Amazon

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