Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dust to Dust, Karina Halle

When a series comes to an end, there’s always a tinge of sadness, yearning that there are going to be more installments. Quite often, there are also unresolved issues, lingering questions, and wanting something in one of the prior books to be referenced or addressed. This was not the case with Karina Halle’s final installment in the Experiment in Terror series, Dust to Dust. 

The 9th novel in the EIT series picks up right where book 8 ends. Halle explained on her blog that book 9 was really the ending of book 8, and I’m glad that she extended the series and made me wait for the final ending. The anticipation was worth it. 

Dust to Dust takes you back to the beginning, so that you can reach the end. Rarely have I seen an author thread prior themes and characters, including haunting imagery and sensations, through one novel without missing a stitch. Everything is in here: from Dex’s family (and their issues), Perry’s family (and their issues), their friends, Maximus and his past life, ghosts and demons from all prior novels, the anguish  that we’ve experienced before with this series, but also the knowledge that we’ve not read anything like this ever. 

This final novel was hell to read. Literally. Saying goodbye to these characters, in finality, was difficult. Halle took the characters to places I did not expect, and it was brilliant!  

No plot summary here. No hints, no spoilers, nothing. You have to read this for yourself.

If you haven’t read the EIT series, you’re seriously missing out! Go, get them now. Hole yourself up in a room, order in, loose some sleep and read the series (including the novellas). 

Thank you, Karina Halle, for providing this series, and Dex and Perry, the ending they all deserved, and the closure we all needed. 

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