Tuesday, August 26, 2014

True Blood "Thank You." AKA: Thanks for a crappy ending!

Okay, seriously True Blood fans. Am I the only one that thought the ending was a bunch of crap?!

Here's a quick summary.

Eric kills Mr Gus in a fiery tunnel. Eric and Pam turn into really bad infomercial stars and push their New Blood. You took Eric last week as an overly hot sex god on his throne, to a cheezy 1970's polyester wearing game show host. Even his hair was bad. Really.

Bill feels that he never was able to see his human daughter get married, so he basically guilts Hoyt and Jessica into getting hitched. Tonight. Before he dies.

Can anyone say Selfish Asshole? Yes, let Bill have what he wants, but won't even dare give Jessica, Sookie, and nearly everyone else in Bon Temps  what they want -- which is Bill alive (or as alive as a vampire can be) and with them all. Drink from Newme/Sarah. Hell, she gave herself so many names the last couple of episodes you could have pretended it was someone else.

So he does the Daddy Vampire thing, gets Jessica hitched to a human. Hmm, okay for her to get married and live with a human, but not for Bill do to the same with Sookie? She can only be happily married if she has a human husband? Selfish Vampire Bill....selfish.

THEN, as if that's not enough, he has to have Sookie help him die. UGH. Leaves her behind in his Vampire Goo.

You get a fast forward of a Thanksgiving dinner, outside Sookie's house with all the human-vamp pairings in bliss. Hoyt and Jessica, Arlene and Kevin, Lafayette and James, then the human-humans of Sam - Nicole and children, Andy-Holly and their step-sibling-sex partners Adilyn and Wade, Jason and Hoyt's ex-girfriend Bridget and their brood of offspring, and Sookie, very preggers and some mystery husband. You never see his face. He's kinda tall, has some facial hair, and you don't know who he is. IT DOESN'T MATTER! It's not Vampire Bill! It's not Eric. It's not Alcide. Most importantly, IT'S NOT SAM! Did you even READ the books??? Noooooo....Obviously not.
it's just some random bloke. 

I feel cheated. True Blood, I watched till the end, and I have to say, it was a painful true death.

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