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True Blood, Season 7, Ep 8: Almost Home. AKA: She's a fang-banger!

Okay, so crazy Newme/Sarah Newlin is still seeing visions of Jason when the Eric posse shows up and goes to hunt her. She realizes that she must die tonight, and Jason tells her “now you’re letting the truth in” which leads her outside and right into the clutches of Eric. Eric, ready to put an end to Sarah/Newme grabs her by the throat (again) and Pam stops him by pointing a gun to her chest, saying “ you die, I die.

 Eric says her future isn’t very bright and takes a bite out of her, then throws her to the ground. Of course, the bite allows him to get her blood into his system and voila, the Hep-V starts to disappear and our beautiful Eric is back without those crazy black veins.

Oh, and Sarah, AKA Newme, AKA the Messiah, is now calling herself “The Princess of Peace.” She needs to add loopy-loo to her list of names.

Lettie-Mae is still digging up the old house, and the Rev goes to find her and tells the family that currently lives there “please forgive the Reverand’s wife.” Lafayette agrees with Mama-Mae, saying there’s Tara energy somewhere there. 

Lettie-Mae gets right up in the Rev’s face, saying “Sometimes you gotta take a journey, even if it’s a blind one.”
POW! BANG! ZAP! Throwing his own words back at him!!

James shows up and proceeds to feed Lafayette so he can zap back into lala land and get Tara updates. After Faye, Mama Mae feeds, and then so does the Rev! He sees the vision of Tara, and I’ll be damned! He’s a believer! Monkeys anyone? Oh come on, sing it with me: 
"Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer!"

In their Tara-dream-state, she leads him into the house, where they see a scene from her childhood with Tara, Sookie, Faye, and Mama Mae. Tara’s Papa comes in and freaks everyone out. He works hard for his money, and doesn’t appreciate Mama spending it on silly things like a birthday party with gifts for Tara. He ransacks the house looking for his gun, while Mama sends Tara and the other kids out of the house. Tara runs to her bedroom, find the gun hiding in a drawer, and as her dad is holding a knife over her mom, she raises the gun and instead of shooting, hides the gun in the yard. That’s what is buried there. Papa runs out, leaving them, and Mama falls in despair. Thus begins her trek into mental illness, me thinks. 

Back to the present, Rev unearths the gun and Tara says “I’m sorry I didn’t pull that trigger.” Mama confesses to not taking care of her daughter, and they both admit bad stuff happened to them. Tara asks her mother to forgive herself and let her go. How? Tara says, “You need to go on living” and makes mom her promise. At that promise, Tara embraces her mama, then crosses into the fade. Goodbye sweet Tara. Finally, the departure you deserve. 

Jason is being fawned over by Hoyt’s girlfriend, and the two of them are looking at old photos of Hoyt. She blurts out “may our children have our nose”. Hoyt stops, um, What? Children? Who said anything about children?  While he and his woman are bickering over children/no children, Jason gets a pic-text from Violet of Adilyn and Jessica tied up, along with an address. Jason has to go, and Bridget goes along with Jason, saying she’s not spending more time with Hoyt. She’s upset at his no-children policy. 

Jason walks into Violet’s lair, is overtaken by him, and strapped to some crazy contraption that will rip him limb from limp. HOLY CRAPBALLS! Violet is sick and twisted. She threatened to take off Wade’s digits, and rip off Adilyn’s perky hooters. But, she saved the super sick and twisted for her pal Jessica. In order to make Jessica feel the paint that she felt when she saw Jason inside her, she’s ready to poke her with a flaming red-hot poker. Literally, a poker. Okay, a dildo (that’s the same thing as a poker, right?). Luckily she goes off on a rant, stating 

“All I ever wanted from you Jason was to live in the world with no wit. No intellect. A world where you worship me for the perfect creature that I am!

While she’s talking about her dummy worship, Hoyt come in guns-a-blazin’ and shoots her. Jessica is finally let out of her chains, and Adilyn runs to Wade. 

Jessica asks “Where did he come from”, then remembers she mind-melded him and he doesn’t know who she is. She’s sad to see him embraced by his woman. Holly and Andy run in and find their kids, and the family shares a tender moment. 

Hoyt is thanked by Andy, and Jason shakes his hand, while Jessica looks on. She says hi to Hoyt, and tries to express her thanks. He’s just glad he was able to get there when he did. She introduces herself to him, and the both smile. Aww. Memories. 

Bridget sits with Jason and he’s not okay. Not missing the looks Hoyt and Jessica gave each other, she wants to know more about her. She asks Jason if Jessica is his girlfriend, and he says he doesn’t know what to call her. Jason drives Jessica home, and they have a chat in the car. Jason says he needs to stop making bad decisions, and Jessica says “um speaking of bad decisions”. She never felt betrayed by him, but he says that’s because she never took him seriously to begin with. Their paths have crossed at inappropriate times. Hoyt reminded them of how uncomplicated they are. They agree they have a beautiful friendship.  

Jason shows later at the Bellefleurs and is talking to Arlene when Hoyt walks in. Hoyt asks about the redhead from last night. While he cares for Bridget, it’s just something about Jessica that he can’t shake. After learning that Jessica is staying at Vampire Bill’s, and how upset she is over his disease, Hoyt goes to her. She lets him in, and he hands her a pint of his own blood, saying he’s been tested and his blood is clean. She can give it to Bill to help him. Awwww. Isn’t he the sweetest?

Quiet Sookie is a thinking Sookie. She tells Bill that she doesn’t want to drudge up the past, but wants to know about Sophie Ann. Bill states that Sophie Ann wanted to take up all the faeries, all the fangs, and bring them to her and close up the portal, then breed them. When Sookie asks Bill why he didn’t deliver her to Sophie Ann, he tells her that he actually felt human again when he saw her. Aww. Then says “You all want what we can’t have. Deny it long enough and you lose your way.” Such darkness inside Bill. 

Mr. Gus, Eric, Pam, and others are talking and Mr. Gus tells them they can’t perfect the HepV / NewmeBlood but they have to keep having the infected keep buying it. Pam and Eric are fine with this, but Mr. Gus also states that no one can know that Sarah/Newme is the cure as that would totally ruin his money making plan. 

Bill and Sookie are in bed when Eric knocks on the door. He tells Sookie
“I came looking for you because I wanted to let you know I was going to be okay”

She asks where is his HepV infected veins, and is he healed? He says yes, and he can’t say how, but he is cured. She tells him that Bill is sick, and he needs the cure. Whatever worked on him must work on Eric! She tells him Bill is dying and accelerating at a crazy rate because he contracted HepV from her.  He stalls, saying he’ll come back the next night as dawn is coming. She doesn’t think Bill will last that long, and she runs out after Eric, just as Jason pulls up dropping off Jessica. 

Sookie goes looking for Eric at Fangtasia, while the Mr Gus Yakuza Goons tell her she’s brave, but stupid. One of the goons tells Mr. Gus, who wants to meet this Sookie Stackhouse. She wants just a minute with Eric, and Mr. Gus asks how they know each other. Eric says she’s a fang-banger, and after fucking her once, she keeps coming back and he can’t get rid of her. Ouch. Mr. Gus calls Eric a very lucky man, and wonders why Eric is protecting her. Eric says it’s just that her brother is a sheriff, and he’ll look for Sook if she goes missing. Eric says he will glammer her, and she can read Mr. Gus’ thoughts and knows that something is in the basement. Eric tells her, go away, you never saw me, and she pretends to be under his spell, repeats it and walks away. But we all know the truth. 

Sookie pretends to go away, but hits the basement of Fantasia and finds Sarah and has a wtf moment. Sarah tries to get Sookie to help her escape, and Sookie figures out that she’s the cure. 

“Even as the cure, you’re still the fucking problem.” Awesome!

Sookie runs back to Jessica and Bill, tells them there is a cure, and takes them both back to the Fangtasia basement. After telling Bill that he needs to feed from Sarah, he respectfully declines. WHAT WHAT WHAT??!!! He doesn’t want it.  
UGGGHH!!! Really Bill? You're checking out? Done? Terminado? Finito? Fini??

We shall have to wait and see. Only two more to go. 

Final thoughts: Am I the only one disturbed that Sookie slutty Stackhouse left Bill's bed, jumped in Alcide's truck, and went to Eric? Okay, I understand these three are the holy trinity of hotness, but really? That just bugged me. She bugs me. I might be glad there are only two more episodes left with her in them. Ever. 

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