Tuesday, August 19, 2014

True Blood - S7/Ep9: To Love is to Die. AKA: Jessica (and Ginger's) Happy Ending

Well folks. The end is near, at least for Bill Compton. He has chosen the True Death. His fate. Jessica and Sookie have not accepted that and are super pissed at him. Sookie bitch slaps him, and Jessica asks Bill to release her. He does. Jessica is comforted by Pam (of all people) who tells her, “If your crying ruins my jacket, you’re payin’ for it sweetheart.” Of course, Sookie turns to Eric. 

Paying a visit to Sam, Jessica and Sookie find it empty. Sam is gone, cleared out.  He did leave her a letter saying that while he’s not sure if Nicole is right or wrong about the town, what he does know is that loves her, and isn’t missing out at having his child. He invites her to visit them in Chicago. Two pair then go to Bellefleurs, and not only Arlene, Lafayette and his boy toy, James. Faye asks Sookie if she’s all right, and she announces that Sam is gone.  She gives Andy the letter from Sam, which only says “I resign.” 

James apologizes to Jessica, and she confesses that she really doesn’t know much about him. She apologizes to him for not caring enough to ask about those things, and wants to know if he’s happy. He says he is, and she leaves. 

Bridget is arguing with Hoyt about the kid issue. She’s not happy, and asks about the googlie-eyed, red-headed vampire. He says he didn’t know her, but knew her maker and he went to the clinic to donate some blood for Vampire Bill. Just when Bridget is about to forgive and forget, Jessica knocks on the door calling for Hoyt. Bridget answers, Jessica apologizes for showing up, says she knows him but he doesn’t know her, and came to tell Hoyt about their past together. Saying they were happy, but she fucked it up, Bridget is standing in the background pissy and complaining – throwing down the ultimatum that if Hoyt walks out to talk to Jessica, they are through. Annnnnd, out the door goes Hoyt! YAY! 

Jessica tells Hoyt that Bill wouldn’t drink the cure, released her as his progeny, and he was the first man that she ever loved. She didn’t know where to go, and he was the only one she wanted to be with, even if it’s selfish. Hoyt says he doesn’t care, and wants to hear the “story of us” and pulls her into his arms. AWWW!! Jessica says she was young and immature, homeschooled sheltered girl that suddenly became a vampire and before she could figure out who she was and what she wanted, she met Hoyt. She goes on to tell him that he saved her life twice – once with Violet, and now, giving her hope. He lets her heal him with her vampy magic blood, and the two seriously reconnect. 

Meanwhile, Jason answers a phone call from Bridget, who asks him to get her. Telling him that the red head showed up and he left, Jason goes out the door and off to Bridge. He pulls up all lights and sirens, and when he gets out of the car, Hoyt belts him in the face! Guess he wasn't fully over that whole "your BFF slept with your girl" thing, huh? He wakes up with Bridget driving his cop car to take him to the hospital. Instead, she convinces him to go back to his place, and he says they’re not having sex tonight. She’s surprised that he would ask, “I just broke up with my boyfriend. Why would you even think I was going to have sex with you?” and he says “trust me, it needed to be said.” Such a stupid stud muffin, that one. 

Back at his place, she’s trying to book a flight back to Alaska, and Jason gets on the phone doin’ his Southern charm thingie with the telephone agent to get her a flight back home. Ever the gentleman, he lets her sleep in his room while he is in the living room, icing first his face, then his balls. LOL! 

Bridget comes out and they start talking about Hoyt. Jason retells Bridget the Hoyt/Jessica/Jason history.  Jason said Hoyt believed it was love at first sight with Jessica, and they were amazing together. Jason tells her how he screwed up by drinking from Jessica, and then sleeping with her, then telling Hoyt all about it. Jason recalls Hoyt saying there was something inside him that was missing and he would never have the kind of relationship that he and Jessica had. Sadly, since Bridge just met Hoyt, she didn't realize met a guy who already met the girl he was supposed to be with. Hoyt and Jessica belong together. Bridget says, “oh come on, I’m going to teach you how not to have sex with someone.” Lying on his bed, they talk and share secrets. 

Sookie isn’t joining in the family dinner at Bellefleurs, and Arlene tells her about the cougar Keith relationship. Sook tells her about infecting Bill with Hep-V. Sookie asks “How do you do it? Keep moving on?” Arlene says it helps when your husband comes in a death vision and tells you to move on, but you just need to do it. Sookie admits that she held back from Alcide because she hadn’t let go of Bill and it was unfair (NO SHIT!), and vows not to do that again. 
Bill answers the door to find Eric, who tells Bill about his experience – wanting to die. Bill says he is doing this for Sookie, and he needs to go so she can love someone else and move on. Eric says that Bill needs to get over himself, and he needs Sookie. It’s her light that pulls them in, just as she is pulled to their darkness.  Bill tells Eric about the black child/void/death dream, and says he cannot give her anything but darkness. Him dying will set her free. 

Eric goes to Sookie and tells him Bill wants to tell her why he’s choosing death. When Sookie says that none of it makes sense, he says it will once Bill explains it to her. He takes her home. 

Eric then goes to Fangtasia, telling Ginger they are finally gonna fuck. She wants it on his throne. She gets all freaky and strattles him, he lets out his fangs, and feds from her. She tells him she has Hep-V, and he says he’s immune. He rips off her panties, and sits there while she rubs against him and makes crazy wild animal calls. His look is priceless! Ginger gets in one good push (maybe two) and falls back saying that was fantastic. This is hilarious! Did he even take off his pants? Whip it out? Me thinks not. 

I’m not sure what was more amusing – her wild screams like a cat in heat followed by the overly dramatic fall backwards, or Eric’s indifferent, bored look throughout it all. 


Damn, how much did that chair go for during the True Blood online auction? 
At Fangtasia, Newme/Sarah is taken out of the basement by Yakuza, and Pam tells her she is “taking her back to blonde.” When she can’t get the foils on her hair, she tells her:
“Listen up twat-lips…” Bwah haa haa!!! Says she needs to not scream when she lets the gag off her mouth. She then goes on…
Pam: “You remind me of Mary”
Sarah/Newme: “Mary Bethany?”
Pam: “OF the whorehouse I use to run. She was much prettier than you ever were. You and her were the same – if you play your cards right, you can be the highest paid trollop in history.”

Mr. Gus asks where Eric was at, while holding Pam under chains. Mr Gus asks if Eric was with his fang-banger Sookie Stackhouse. Does she know about Sara? With each question Eric doesn’t answer, a rope holding a wooden stake is dropped closer to Pam. Eric confesses that Sookie knows about Sara, and Mr. Gus wants to know where she lives. 

Gah. I could live without ever seeing Sookie again, but damn. I’m gonna miss Pam. 

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