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True Blood, Season 7, Ep 7: May Be The Last Time. AKA: Feels like the first time..

Amber, Amber, Amber. Give up your psycho sister Newme.

Eric, Pam, and Mr. Cowboy Gus show up at Amber’s place. After telling the gang that Sara is the cure, Eric reminds her all about Jeremy. Oh, remember Jeremy? Your old flame that sister dearest killed? Telling Eric to eff-off, he looks back and see’s Sara’s face and takes out Amber. Whoopsie.

Just like that line in a Go-Go's song, "It use to be the fun was in, the capture and kill," Pam pleads to Eric that this time it isn’t about capture and kill and Mr. Cowboy Gus says, it’s capture and exploit. Synthesize Sara’s blood and sell it as “New Blood.” New Blood will eradicate Hep-V and Eric will own 49% of the company. Since Mr. Gus and company aren’t real popular with the people, Eric can be the face of the product. When Eric balks and says that they don’t know where Sara is located, Mr. Gus says that the Japanese media will help find her.

Sara returns to the Light of Day institute. Camp. Whatever. She keeps hearing voices of people singing, and is freaking out because of course, no one is there. She has visions of Jason playing football, who tells her that she’s going to die tonight because there’s no escaping Eric. Death comes for all of us, and her number is up. As she’s out in the field, the Japanese technology has found her. Later, Eric and Pam wake up and Cowboy tells them, “Shall we go make some money?”

Sara is inside rambling and talking to herself, and her hubby Steve shows up to tell her she’s an evil fornicator and she’s going to die tonight. Guru is there as well, and tells her there is no heaven nor hell. When she’s asked if she wants to die as a Christian or a Buddhist, she says neither, and chooses herself. She’s the savior, the messiah. When she sees lights outside, she asks her Jason hologram what’s going on. He says 
Oh lovie, that’s death coming for you.”

Sherriff Andy and Holly are off looking for Adilyn and Wade.  You know, the sucking siblings. Call to their cell phone, something about Pavlov and them not being able to resist a ringing phone. Well, phone is there but the kids are not. 

Jessica is in years over Bill's advancing state of Hep-V. Andy calls Jessica for help to find his girl since Adilyn has a bit of Jessica’s blood in her. Jessica isn’t getting anything on her vampy-spidey-sense, so Andy and Holly continue to search for the duo. 

They’re being led into Violet’s lair, who confesses that she use to fuck her brother when she was their age. A lot. Welcome to the red room of pleasure. Freaky shit, and Violet encourages them to take advantage of the toys and enjoy themselves. When they try to thank her, Violet says “no, I love love” and lays a big wet one on Adilyn. She walks out with a smile saying “Have fun fucking!” She’s twisted. 

So the two of them are exploring the myriad of sex toys and freaking out over the 
giant pink dildos, and neither of them is sure what to do. After she does that whole listening to his thoughts thing, they discover that neither of them want the freak fest. They just want each other since it’s their first time together. Cue Foreigner’s “Feels like the first time” 

Violet comes in later and after Adilyn says “Sorry, we didn’t use your toys.” Violet says, “That’s okay, we’ll use them now” and throws Wade into the wall and handcuffs Adilyn to the bed. It’s all a ploy to get Jessica to sense Adilyn’s danger – which she does, and wakes up and runs to find her. 

Bill is continuing to advance and Sookie is concerned, refusing to accept that there is no cure for his condition. Later, Bill is sleeping and Sookie tells Jessica to lay down with him and rest. Sookie refused to accept this, but what are you gonna do? 

She doesn’t know, but she knows that she doesn’t believe that miracles don’t exist. Miracles and magic happen all around us every day, she just has to go out and find it for Bill. She calls a Doctor Ludwig, a small elderly woman that shows up in a hummer, and takes him over to Bill. After discovering that this is the second encounter of advanced Hep-V due to half-fairy blood, doctor asks which line Sookie is from. Sook has no idea, but says she can ask her grampa Niall Bergant. Doctor freaks! “Niall Bergant?? I’m so fucking out of here!”

Sookie goes to the gravesite of Caroline Compton and calls for her Grampa Niall. She calls upon her fairy grandfather for help and he doesn’t show. She runs back to her house, and finds him in her kitchen. Seems the munchkin doctor is afraid of the fairies because they are royalty and killed off so many of them in the past. Grampa is always watching and that means he knew that Sookie was infecting Bill.  Grampa doesn’t like Bill for Sookie, and Sookie begs him to use his royal magic for her and cure Bill. 

Bill meanwhile is having dreams about his past again. He is being told he has to marry the Shelby daughter Caroline, and help her mother become financially stable after his father dies. Caroline and Bill hit it off. 

Gramps takes her outside Bills house and shows her the birth of Bill’s first child, telling her that’s a miracle. Birth and death are miracles, just like life, love, and forgiveness. At times, magic can cure but this time it cannot cure her Vampire Bill. Sookie runs to Bill and tells him she is goin to say with him to the end, kisses him, and they end up in front of the fireplace having fairy-vamp sex. Reminiscent of their first time. 

Hello Foreigner!? You’re up! 

Arlene is closing up shop at the bar, and in walks hottie vamp Keith. He tells her he came to see her home and offer her protection. 

She says “what are you, 25?”
Keith says, no dear, “I’m 515 years old,” 

So should feel better as she’s not really a cougar with him after all, right?
She tells him she’s not a fang-banger and a human with a vampire is just wrong. He kisses her and says “Did that feel wrong”. She shakes head no, but says yes. He kisses her again and she seems to have lost the ability to not only speak, but resist his sexy charms. She takes her on the pool table, off comes her clothes, and….Oh my, don’t stop, oh…Fuuuuuuuuck!! 

 and wait, what? Dream sequence. Apparently, Arlene is having wet dreams.

When he finally is awake and at the bar, Hoyt comes in with his girlfriend Bridget. He’s there to meet with officer Stackhouse. Arlene says, “You mean, Jason.” She then calls JS and tells him that Hoyt is there and is acting like he doesn’t know who he is. Jason says  
“yah, that’s because he doesn’t.” 
Jason shows up and introduces himself to Hoyt and Bridget, and after sitting with them for breakfast, Jason takes Hoyt to the morgue to see his mother. Hoyt wants to know how she died, and Jason tells him that his mama got the town folk all riled up, and took the law in their own hands. Jason said she wasn’t part of the mob, and that he did get the one who did this to her. Hoyt hugs Jason, and Bridget joins in. 

Sam is nursing his heartbreak at the bar with Arlene, and asks if he is as crazy as Nicole thinks everyone in the town is. Arlene gives Sam some advice: If you were to leave, would it feel like you were running away or running to something? And if you stay, could you be happy without them (Nicole and his child). Arlene says she’s not happy, but is faking it until she makes it real.

Later, Keith shows and Arlene is finishing that bottle that she opened with Sam. She asks him if she is dreaming, he says no, he felt her pain. She says she thought that Vampires could only feel humans in danger. Keith tells her that her pain is dangerous. As they’re slow dancing, Arlene confesses that she’s Hep-V positive, and since vampires are super sexual they can’t have sex or she will infect him. Keith says, “well then, let’s just dance.” 


Foreigner? You guys still here? Ahem…go. 

In the only snippet of Lafayette and Lettie Mae, they’re seen digging up the front yard of the house that Tara led them to, and we can only expect to see more of this next week.

and how funny is this: 

Down to the final three episodes!

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