Sunday, October 19, 2014

Scandal Season 4, Ep 4: Like Father, Like Daughter. AKA: You're No Olivia Pope!

What in the heck? I forgot to post the Scandal update again! Sleep was more important…again. Here’s what happened: 

Olivia and Quinn rush into a party to extract a VIP – the first daughter. She’s slipped away from her Secret Service men, got stoned and drunk off her ass, and sometime during the night she made a sex tape with two dudes. Way to go, chica! Um, not really. Olivia calls the white house screaming that they need to wake the President because she's just seen the nastiest sex tape ever and it's starring his daughter! Olivia has to handle it, and that means she’s going to have to see Fitz. 

Fitz is shocked and goes down the rabbit hole – talking about his failures. He says he’s failed as a father, he’s failed as a husband. Then, getting a little too close to Olivia, asks if he’s also failed as a man. She gives into his kisses for a hot second, then shuts him down prompting him to state “I’m failing as a father and a man. Good to know”.  

Mellie learns about Olivia being back in town and gets pissed, and goes off. Fitz fires back and gives her a super-sized smack down calling her all the names the press has been – Mental Mellie, Bad Hygiene Melle, Drunk Mellie, tells her while she’s been checked out of reality, their daughter made a sex tape with two boys. Mellie fires back “A sex tape. I guess she takes after her daddy.”

Olivia and Huckleberry Quinn track down the sex tape author, and has a sit down with the boy’s parents. They realize what they have on their hands and demand a cool 2.5 mil to hand over the tape and keep quiet. When Olivia gets the President to agree, she goes back to them with a check only to find they now want 3 mil. She looses her shit! Olivia goes on her PopeRant and tells them they’re the lowest kinds of people she’s ever encountered, accuses them of conspiring to make kiddie porn since they’re both under age, and threatens to exploit them to the tabloids faster than they can say youtube. 

Mellie goes to her daughter and tells her she knows about the sex tape. She then delivers an awesome speech about how as a mother she’s having a seizure inside, but on the outside, she knows that this is her daughter grieving for her dead brother and doing something just so that she can feel again. She tells her this is her one free pass on crazy. They both need to start moving on. 

Meanwhile, Jake is dring to avoid getting kidded for real this time by Papa Pope. PP has hired Tom, Fitz’s Secret Service agent to take out Jake only Jake is onto him and tells him so. Fitz has hired an investigation into his SS detail to see how they let his daughter give them the slip and it’s discovered that Tom is responsible for the death of Fitz’s son Jerry. Jake is trying to get into see the President, and doesn’t succeed. Tom is being questioned and PP comes in and takes over, getting Tom to admit that Jake is the one responsible for the plan to kill the President’s son. Whaaat? Bad Tom, Bad. 

There was also brief appearances by Cyrus and Abby, who goes into a snit when Olivia Pope is in the White House. She claims that she must be told, and tells her to shut it, she’s not Olivia Pope, will never be Olivia Pope and well, that shuts her up. What’s with the uber-tude this season? I know she’s pissed at Olivia for leaving but come on – get in her face and move on. 

In the moments that Olivia and Fitz had together, he asked her where she want. She says she had to get away, believing that her mother had his son killed. She tells him “She ruined your family, she ruined my family, she ruined…us.” 

They share a tender moment, he holds her and tells her “Don’t ever leave me again. I almost died without you.  I almost didn’t survive.” UGH. Gut wrenching. Heartbreaking. Raw...but then, Olivia steels herself and shuts him down. She then tells him she wasn’t alone. She was with Jake.

So, in the end, Fitzgerald Grant is pissed that Jake is behind his son’s murder, and he ran off with his woman. Hmm… what will he do?  

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