Sunday, October 12, 2014

Scandal Season 4, Ep3: Inside the Bubble. AKA - Sorry I fell asleep.

Scandal this week was….hmm. How do I put this? I never fall asleep when watching my favorite shows. Until this week. I’m not sure what the deal was, but thank goodness for my DVR. Once I caught up, I wasn’t all that psyched about this episode. Not much happened, but here’s what did: 

Liv gets a call to help an old law school friend whose daughter Caitlin is missing. Abby finds out and is livid at Liv as the friend, Catherine, is also friends with Abby. Cat fighting ensues about it and OPA goes on the hunt for the missing child. She’d found pretty quickly by Quinn, but Huck found some other disturbing crap. Mama Catherine has a sex tape with daughter Caitlin’s boyfriend! Quinn and Huck deliver the news to Olivia, and soon after, Caitlin is found dead. As Catherine is identifying her daughter in the morgue, Olivia comes in and pushes her against a wall asking “What the hell did you do?!” 

Everyone, including the police (who arrest Catherine) think she’s guilty. Then another tape shows up of Caitlin with some old dude at her father’s law firm fighting over some envelope. Now the question is, who really killed Caitlin? 

Cyrus is still making googly eyes at Michael the Male Hooker. Lizzy is up to something, trying to set up Cyrus but don’t have a clue as to what yet.  

Jake isn’t Olivia’s boyfriend and he tells her while declining her request to join her for dinner with her father. You know, the one that was his former boss and threw him in a hole and tortured him for months on end? Can’t see why he wouldn’t want to break bread with that dude. Olivia has some cajones for asking. Jake does tell her to call him if she wants him to “do that thing to her”. Jake. Giant Cajones. Huge. 
Jake shows how big when he actually DOES go to dinner with Papa Pope. When Liv steps out of the room to take a call, the two have a few words. Jake tells Pops that he should leave the country for all his evil deeds, and Pops says nope. Staying put. 

Continuing his investigation into Harrison’s death, Jake gets Charlie in some tunnel or room, and goes all Dexter, stripping him down and placing him on plastic. All that's missing are the photos on the wall of the people Charlie has killed. Jake then cons Quinn into coming down and talking to him. Jake wants her to get info from him on Papa Pope’s involvement in Harrison’s death. The two are locked in a room and before you know it, are in a lip-lock. She then gets out, and goes back to OPA and screams at them for not noticing that she was missing for 24 hours. Yah bitches, pay attention! When someone goes missing, they end up dead. Just ask Harrison. Oh wait, you can’t because he’s dead. Point made Quinn. Point made. 

David Rosen has learned how to blackmail to get his way on that gun control bill. Rosen digs up some dirt on one of the judges…and gets the judge to vote his way. Except, this one was a bit fragile and shoots himself (ironic?). 

There was also some craziness with Mellie trying to prove some woman didn't shove her dude off a cliff, Abby trying to save Mellie from further embarrassing herself, and a confrontation with the President about him not knowing her name. Get that woman a nametag! 

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