Monday, October 20, 2014

Tied by Emma Chase

Oh Drew. It’s time. Get yourself hitched, live a happy life with your beautiful Kate and your son James. Easy, right? Wrong. With Drew, nothing is ever easy. The prologue starts with Drew at the altar, ready, excited, and waiting for his bride Kate. He hints that they almost didn’t make it there…and you find out why.
Drew and the gang including  Jack, Matthew, and Steven are all involved in the madness of attending a bachelor party for Drew. In Vegas. Along for the ride is William, er, Billy, Kate’s ex-boyfriend and Dee’s cousin. Since the boys are having a weekend away, the girls decide to do the same and have their own party. Along comes Delores, Alexandria, and the new girl Erin, Drew’s new secretary. The entire crew is along for the ride. Hilarity ensues – I mean, come on! It’s Drew and Kate in Vegas! 

Beyond the obvious bachelor/bachelorette party fun, you get updates on everyone since the last book. This one takes place about two years since the last one and you find that Matthew and Dee have a child as well, and sweet Mackenzie is now a pre-teen with a brother and a bunch of boys in her life. She’s in need of some estrogen and someone has to give her a sister/cousin/something soon! Drew and Kate need a follow up novella to make that happen. Billy’s become successful, and yet, is still a giant douche.  

Emma Chase gives Drew, Kate, and the entire gang the story they deserve and does it with the obnoxious male point of view that only Drew can deliver. In addition to his usual snark, snide comments, and take no prisoners attitude, there’s also a ton of movie references including a bunch from my favorite 80’s classics. Way to go Emma! There was one point in the book where I read a line and laughed so hard I snorted, woke up the man, and had to call a friend and tell her (in the character’s voice of course!). That sent the two of us off into a bunch of other 80’s movies quotes that only we would appreciate, because we’re dorks like that. 

The book has some typical Drewism and hilarity including his views on child rearing, the constant crying and interruptions of personal time with Kate, his views on being single, being in a relationship, getting married, being a parent, his own parents, his friends, you name it. 

While I’m going to miss Drew and the gang, I’m hoping for updates on them all in the future. Thanks Emma Chase for a fabulously awesome ride! 

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