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Fool Me Once series: Tara Sivec

The Fool Me Once series focuses on three women: Kennedy, Paige, and Lorelei.Having been burned by her ex-husband, Kennedy starts the Fool Me Once Investigation business. Along with her two friends Paige and Lorelei, they specialize in finding the evil, cheating, bastard men and catching them in the act to help out the women who have hired them.

Shame on You is the first of three connected books and focuses on Kennedy.

Kennedy serves as the bounty hunter for the agency while helping her family's bond office, and the first case we are introduced includes a crazy bail jumper who has stolen a family Chihuahua. Her family hires her ex-husband's friend Griffin to partner with her on the case. He's the last person on earth she wants to be paired with, as she thinks he betrayed her friendship by keeping her cheating husband's secret!

Griffin makes Kennedy a bet: Whoever catches the bail-jumper first, wins. She gets to punch him as hard as she wants if she wins, and she agrees to the bet without asking what happens if he wins. When she finally does ask (haha, a bit too late!), she discovers she has to go out on a date with Griffin if she loses!  As she's trying to resist him and his charms, her family is trying to make sure they stay together.

"Kennedy and Griffin are in there...talking. They need to talk. You know, just talk. About...things" Lorelei explains to my father. 
"Griffin Crawford, you better be wearing protection while you talk to my daughter". 

The book is short but packs in a great deal! Family, football, hilarity, and a bit of sexy times, Shame on Me is a great fun read. As with many of Tara's books, you'll want the next ones in the series to be ready to read.

Book 2 is Shame on Me and has her friend / partner / ex-model Paige trying to lure a cheating husband into a compromising position. After trying her best to bait Matt Russo, she begins to question if he's really the cheater his wife accuses him to be. A couple of chance encounters (that are really her stalking him to find the truth), you discover that it's not Matt that should be investigated!

Paige's ex-husband's gambling problem, mob connections, and overall jerky behavior enter in to the mix, and you see Paige stand up for herself and come out a winner!

Paige and Matt band together to not only out his wife and her evil ways, but get Paige's ex-husband in the process - a two for one deal!

The third book, Shame on Him was just released and focuses on Lorelei, a lawyer from a background of privilege. She's ready to leave her stuffy suits and courtroom and become an investigator full time - except she can't figure out how to tell her parents who have very different expectations for her.

When she drops off a subpoena to a billionaire, she stumbles across his dead body! While she's a bit freaked out, she also realizes that this is her chance to solve the murder case, and establish herself as a real investigator. This is a great plan except for one thing (or one person if you will): Dallas Osborne. Dallas is the investigator hired to actually work the case. When she bets him that she can solve the case without him, he takes that bet thinking she will lose. Lorelei is soon interviewing suspects, finding more crime scenes, standing off to her uppity parents, and of course, falling for the cranky but uber sexy investigator.

These three books are fun and light reads. While each one can be read as a stand-alone book, they are connected in that the three women are partners in the business. While the books were short, they were typical of Sivec's other novels - hilarious banter between characters, kick ass women, and the bossy but sweet men that love them. Gotta love Tara Sivec! Her comedic style keeps me turning pages and laughing all the way.

Get all three at once, make yourself a margarita, sit down in the shade, and enjoy an afternoon with this series. You won't be disappointed!


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