Wednesday, July 23, 2014

True Blood Seaons 7, Ep 4: Death is not the end. AKA -- It's the end of Vince!

I go on vacay for a week and True Blood gets all depressing! This is a shorter recap since I have two weeks to update. Silly me going to a tropical island and missing two episodes! 

 Last week's episode was bleak as hell. The Stackhouse’s place calls telling Alcide’s pop Jackson about his demise, and one to Hoyt saying his Mama died. 

Pam and Eric are on their way home. Snarky Pam is back. More flashbacks tell of how Fangtasia was created. It was all Ginger’s idea! From a cheesy video rental store, to a flashy vamp nightclub. 

According to Ginger, they need  stripper poles and an elevated stage where Eric can sit on his throne as king of the Vamps. According to Ginger, it’ll be a hit “because sex sells, and Eric Northman is nothing if he is not pure fucking sex on a throne.” I’m with ya there Gin! 

They make their way back to Bon Temps and are off to find and kill the Christian, only to stop by Bills place and see Sookie and others. Eric asks Sookie what trouble she’s gotten herself into – what else is new?. She’s shitty because her boyfriend died, Eric is surprised and pissed at the Sookie-Alcide connection. Eric recants his travels since he left – quite the world traveler, he is! Willa shows and is pissed at Eric for leaving her after she was created. 

Healthy vamps are in short supply, so Bill feeds from Sookie, and Jessica, who has been refusing to feed, gets some much needed nutriment from Lafayette after he tells her he’s not so innocent – he killed the man he loved. 

"So come on, pretty girl. Show me those baby fangs of yours,"

After Sookie does her hand-holding mind magic on Holly, they discover where the others are being held captive. Sookie and Bill are off to Fangtasia and Eric and Pam join along. Bitchy Pam is fabulous! 

Sam goes rat form and gets into the basement, and Arlene, bless her heart, doesn’t blink at naked Sam but asks “Um excuse me, were you just a rat?”

Eric tries to Karate kid the wall between them and Arlene et al. and can’t. Bill knocks the shit out of
it and he and Pam go in for the rescue. One is missing – Arlene. They go upstairs to find her being sucked by multiple vamps and seeing visions of Terry. They try to save her, and next thing you know, it’s the Jets and the Sharks! Or Healthy vs. HVamps, and the Healthy Vamps come out on top for now.

Dead this week = Vince

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