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Made For You, by Lauren Layne (Best Mistake series, #2)

In the second novel in the Best Mistake series, Made For You follows Brynn Dalton, and her arch-enemy Will Thatcher, as they discover there’s a thin line between hate and love.

Brynn has always had her life planned out – she’s overcome an imperfect childhood to become the perfect adult: She’s achieved her goal of becoming an orthodontist (one she’s had since she was a teenager), she keeps her life in perfect order, is always properly dressed and behaved, follows a rigid structure, and rarely deviates from her Life List. The List, her notebook filled with her rules and plans for her life, guide her decisions. Brynn never makes mistakes. Well…almost never. There was that one night she spent with Will Thatcher. In a drunken moment, she shows up on his doorstep, invites herself in, and has one night of wild sexy times with the one man that doesn’t fit into her perfect plan. Brynn and Will’s little tryst happened in the first book in this series, Only With You, however, there is a flashback in this novel so you don’t necessarily have to read in order.

Will is handsome, charming, and lives the playboy lifestyle. He’s carefree, is a self-proclaimed man-whore, and a successful entrepreneur. His favorite past-time seems to be antagonizing Brynn. As much as Brynn tries to avoid him, she can’t. He is BFFs with her sister Sophie, and is at her parent’s house for Sunday dinner each week. They bicker, exchange rude comments, insults, and evil looks. During the course of the book, you discover what happens along the way that makes Brynn hate Will so much.

The story begins the night of Brynn’s 31st Birthday party – which is where the book begins. Brynn, not happy about the surprise party, hides out in the bathroom until her sister comes in, finds her, and drags her back outside. This is where Brynn sees Will, who has apparently returned after a three year absence from town.

Will has a plan, and is intent on winning over Brynn for more than one night. Those plans include moving back to town - right next door to Brynn.  Sophie discovers Will’s true feelings for her sister.

“I feel like an idiot for not seeing it before. True love hiding behind the squabbling couple is like the oldest romantic-comedy trope there is”.  

Despite desperately wanting to join in and play matchmaker, Sophie remains on the sidelines while Will enacts his scheme.  

Brynn’s boyfriend comes by end their two year relationship for someone that is the complete opposite of her, Brynn decides she’s sick of herself and her life and is going to make some changes and take a hiatus from her overly-structured being for a while. Her adventure into the wild-side includes radically changing her clothing styles, chopping off her hair and dying it a different color, getting a tattoo, and having a wild fling with bad-boy Will.  

As Brynn goes through her self-discovery phase, both her and Will discover their true feelings for each other. Although the author draws out the angst and conflict between them to the very end, there is a happily ever after.

I discovered Lauren Layne earlier this year and have read nearly everything she’s written, including her “Sex, Love, and Stiletto” series, and “Broken,” the first in a new Redemption series, which seems to focus on men that are flawed in some way. I thoroughly enjoy the connection between the characters, the unique personalities, snarky dialogue, and humor infused in her works.  If you want to check her out, here’s where to start: 

Stiletto Series: 
Just One Night
Love the One You're With
After the Kiss 

Best Mistake: 
Only with You
Made for You


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About the author: 

Lauren Layne used to work in e-commerce. She wore cute shoes and big-girl clothes like an adult. Then she was like, nope, changed into her pajamas and started writing romance novels.  She believes in sarcasm, weekday happy hours, and happily ever after. 
Visit her at and the following sites: 
Twitter: @_LaurenLayne

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