Monday, November 10, 2014

Scandal S4, E7: Baby Made a Mess. AKA: "Because I'm Olivia Pope Bitches".

Okay, so random thoughts from this episode rather than a full recap.
  1. President Grant is a dirty talkin’, late-night-booty-calling freak. He’s giving Olivia his sexy talk.  He’s a tease. He’s also a man, broken and in love with a woman he cannot have. Meanwhile, Olivia lays the smack down better than anyone. Hangs up on the sexy talk and demands to know where Jake is – she believes he’s innocent.
  2. Huck finds his son! And he’s been online gaming with him! And the kid tracked him down via his IP address using those techy Huck genes. Omigawd! I’m rooting for Huck to find a happily ever after. His family. His home. He needs it. Needs it!
  3. Quinn fins out that someone is following Olivia Pope, and will kill (daughters, themselves) to keep it a secret.
  4.  Abby’s past comes back to haunt her in the form of her ex-husband, an abusive bastard now nominated to replace the senator who was seen in a freak fest diaper filled sex romp and ousted from the senate.
  5. Olivia and Abby are fierce friends and don’t fuck with them! Seriously. Just don’t. They will Shut. You. Down. 
  6. Abby finds an ally in Leo, who totally has her back after she tells him about her skeevy ex-husband. They share some hooch. And a kiss. Take THAT David Rosen. 
  7. “You don’t have a father, you have Command.” OP learns that PP is Command first, Daddy…well, never.
  8. Cyrus finds out his man-whore is playing for the other team. As in, Team Lizzy.
  9. Mellie is manipulated again. Poor gal.
  10. Word of the week: Yahtzee!

Next week:  With Jake and Fitz on her team, Olivia Pope goes up against Command. Jake and Fitz joining teams to help OP. Who will she choose in the end?  

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