Monday, November 10, 2014

The After House, by Michael Phillip Cash

Remy Galway is trying to rebuild her life after her cheating ex-husband has cleaned her out. She moves into a seaside house with her daughter, only to discover that it’s haunted by a ghost.

Captain Eli Gaspar, is furious that people keep inhabiting “his” home. He’s stuck in the house and uses his ethereal form to influence the inhabitants for his own benefit.

“Nothing really horrific. He was, after all, a gentleman. Just a little something to scare her off the property.”

The prior tenant, Pat Redmond, painted authentic paintings of the Captains whaling adventures, guided by Eli’s whispers, the vivid pictures were prized among the artist community. Now, Captain Eli is trying to drive out Remy and her daughter, except the daughter, Olivia, is not only fascinated with the paintings, but can see Eli and isn’t afraid of him. As events start to happen to Remy both in the house and out, she starts to wonder who could be behind all of it. With the help of loving and meddling parents, the town Mayor, Hugh Matthews, comes to the aid of Remy and provides the answers she needs to solve the mystery of who is trying to hurt her, and help Eli find his way home.

The After House is the first novel I’ve read by Michael Phillip Cash, and I was genuinely thrilled at the suspense, plot twists, and humor infused in the novel. 

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About the Author
Award winning and best-selling author Michael Phillip Cash has eight novels to date. Stillwell won Honorable Mention for The Book of the Year Foreword Review 2014. Brood X was The Book of the Year for Readers Views and Rebecca's Reads. Cash loves writing about Long Island, its rich history and ghostly inhabitants. He currently lives on the North Shore with his wife and two children.

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