Sunday, November 23, 2014

Scandal Season 4:Mid Season Finale. AKA: I ain't your Bitch, Baby!

The Mid-Season Finale, In a nutshell:

  • Cyrus has his pictures of him and his man-ho Michael leaked, Olivia solves his problem with a happy ending. Um, oops. Meant a Happily Ever After story.
  • Cyrus tries to resign in disgrace, and Olivia gets IN HIS FACE and calls him a Bitch Baby, lays the smack down, and makes him get his ass back in the oval office. We all need a friend like Liv to kick our ass when we need it.
  • Lizzy wants war, goes to Mellie and gets it in a way she didn’t expect. Mellie tells her
    that they share the VP love. And possibly a STD.
  • Papa Pope is cleaning house and seems like Jake, Quinn, and others have “kill cards” issued on them.
  • Jake brought Olivia a gun and taught her how to use it. He wants to leave all the dramarama and danger behind and go live in the sun on their isolated beach. Olivia responds:  “The sun went down a long time ago and it’s not coming back up.” Ouch.

  • Quinn hooks up with Charlie again, only to find he has a kill card on her. They kick the crap out of each other, then have make-up something or other. Not sure, they’re scary dysfunctional together. Charlie has some secret files so it’s a good thing that Quinn didn’t kill him.
  • Speaking of files, Huck tries to visit his son, and his baby mama isn’t having any of it. She threatens to call the police, and he begs her to read the files that he’s left on her doorstep. Two boxes full.
  • Mama Pope is pulled out of captivity, and thinks that Olivia is going to save her. After chatting about Papa Pope, Olivia tells mommy "You have a PhD in his crazy!"
    Mama Pope lashes out, makes Olivia cry, and tells her "Cry me a river...Whatever." All she needed was the hand to the face! Olivia has had it. Tells the men they can't keep her mother as she hasn't been formally charged. So charge her! Liv asks that she be charged with murder, among other things.
  • Abby gets a visit from David Rosen, who is questioning her activities. When trying to ascertain where she was one evening, he finds she was with Leo. All night. He’s upset, but dude…really? You can’t be pissed if you’re not going to step up to the plate and someone else takes a swing. 
  • Olivia gets a visit from dear old dad, who has a gun on the table. Yelling. Blame. Shame. Papa tells Liv "You have no comprehension of love," and no matter how hard she tries to be different, she is exactly like him.

    Olivia picks up the gun and pulls the trigger!!!! No bullets. Papa Pope is stunned and outraged that she actually pulled the trigger! “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!”
    I’m surprised as well.

  • Jake comes over to Olivia’s place later to find her dancing around to some Stevie. She has their island wine. She’s choosing her. Not Fitz, Not Jake, but herself. She wants to get busy on the piano, so Jake runs to get a pillow and blankie, only to return and find her gone. GONE. The front door is open and no Liv in sight.
  • The VP goes to Fitz and threatens him with the one thing he cannot live without. Seems like Andrew has something to do with Liv’s disappearance, and he wants his West Angola war. Talk about pushing the president into a corner!  
 Well, now we know who was taking pictures of Olivia and following her around. And we know why. Where is she? We'll have to wait and see.

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