Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Scenes from the City: A Wintertime Surprise by Penny Reid - Part uno.

When author Penny Reid announced she was releasing a novella called “Scenes from the City” with updates on the Knitting in the City gals, my first thought was “Hell yah! I love those girls.” 

Then I thought…”wait, maybe I should do a re-read so that I’m totally caught up and ready for these updates.” So that’s what I did. Then, because I’ve told friends to read these books (and they have) and said they would love them as much as I did (and they did), I decided to sit my booty down and write a review on each of the books and tie it to the release of Scenes. 

The Knitting Club meets on Tuesdays to knit, drink wine and margaritas, and gossip. The women include Janie, a financial wiz; Elizabeth, a doctor that is Janie’s best friend, Sandra – Dr. Shrink; Ashely, a nurse practitioner from Tennessee; Fiona, a mechanical engineer taking a hiatus to be a stay-at-home mom, and Marie, a free-lance writer and artist. Rounding out the bunch is Kat, who works as an administrative assistant to the executives at Janie’s former company. 

You need to know this before going into these books. The women make the story. Not because they’re women, and they swoon, and maybe (okay they do) fall in love. But because these women are smart, educated, witty, snarky, support each other, and love each other unconditionally. They remind me of my circle of friends, except without the knitting because we don’t do that.  I love when authors give women real degrees, real careers, and still have real problems – because that’s something that I can really connect with and believe. I’ve devoured these books, and look forward to each new release. 

With Scenes from the City, I felt like I was able to meet up with my best gal pals and catch up on what’s been happening. Hear all about what I’ve missed since the semester started and my life became filled with grading exams, dealing with educational policies, and whiny college students, and they've been busy with their own lives, families, and careers.

 I loved hearing about Janie and Quinn’s honeymoon. Jamie is just a quirky as ever, and Quinn loves her all the same.

Getting reacquainted with freaking Nico and Elizabeth and hearing him speak Italian to her. 
 I mean, seriously? Who doesn't love a man that's smokin' hot and speaks Italian? 

REALLY loved how Alex made Sandra’s birthday wish and check off one of her items on the “Things To Do Before I Have Children Because They Might Bet Me Arrested” list.  

 Most of all, I really loved hearing how Ashley and Drew kept in touch while she was preparing to move from Chicago to Tennessee and they were apart. 

The best part of Scenes from the City: you learn about Fiona and Greg. How they met, and how he instantly fell for her. Greg is awesome!!  He has an inappropriate sense of humor, is offensive, arrogant, and has an accent. An accent! 

“Ask me when I knew” he said.
“When did you know?”
“When I saw you…” he whispered… “ I saw you…and you’d bent over to pick up your pen or some such item…and I thought to myself…I thought, I am going to tap that ass. And other things.”
He's hilarious! Snarky! And he's all kinds of sweet.

So, stay tuned. I’m going to post each review and the Scene’s from the City quotes I love best from the book and the novella.

I encourage you to read the series.
Reading Order: 
Neanderthal Meets Human: Amazon / Barnes and Noble  / 
Friends Without Benefits: Amazon  Barnes and Noble
Neanderthal Marries Human:  Amazon  Barnes and Noble
Love Hacked: Amazon / Barnes and Noble
Beauty and the Mustache:  Amazon  / Barnes and Noble

It's only available for two weeks! Two. That's it! Then it goes away so grab your copy now. All proceeds benefit Toys for Tots. 
Because Penny is generous and all kinds of awesomesauce. 

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