Monday, February 9, 2015

Grammys 2015...Random thoughts

When I was a teenager, I went to the Grammys. Often. My dad was in charge of security at a television studio, and he was also in charge of events like the Rose Parade and the Grammys. I was a budding photographer, so of course, dad threw me a bone and gave me a press pass one year. Then I asked / begged / pleaded / demanded that I get one the next year and the next. I was there for the Billy Jean dance. I was there for the Jethro Tull Heavy Metal award. I was there for more than I can remember. Thank goodness I have some good black and white photos to supplant the memories that have faded from my long-term storage. 

Tonight I caught the Grammy’s again on television. My first thought were that this is a concert – not an award show. Second - It’s pretty damn awesome and I wish I were there now with my camera! Instead, I get to sit home and talk trash. Here’s my thoughts:

  • Angus can still hop on one foot and not break a hip!
  •  Does Sam Smith have to share his Grammy Award with Tom Petty? (Click Here if you don’t get it!)

  • When did Tom Jones become Sir? And do women throw panties at him how? How many face lifts can you have and still manage to sing?
  • Farrell ditched the hat but is wearing suit/shorts. Why? Why? WHY? Um, nevermind. The Hat made an appearance in the form of a bellhop. 

  • Kanye West – WHY WHY WHY are you in sweatpants!??? Is that velvet? And oh no you di’n’t!! Seriously, get off the fricken stage and give BECK his proper props! KW Jerkface! 
  • Mylie. Cyrus. Can. Read. A. Tele. Prompter.
  • There was a time when I really loved Madonna.  I’m thinking that time is up. Maybe she’s in the next season of American Horror Story: Maleficent’s Devilish Games.
  •  I thought Lady Gaga was performing…Oh hey! It is her! and Tony Bennett! She’s pretty pretty when she dresses like a normal person.
  • Tony Bennett. You are still the man!
  • Josh Dumel – nice trip up the stairs. You’ve been off television for far too long. Glad to see you back.
  • Ed Sheeran rocks!
  • ELO! You Mean Evil Woman…you got Sir McCartney up and dancing! Where are my cassettes at? Wait, I don’t have a cassette player in the car. CDs?
  • Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani classing up the joint. That Suit! That Dress! Gwen does red like no one else! She owns red. Period.
  • I’m kinda sick of that Take Me to Church song, but Annie. Fricken. Lennox! I’m bewitched by her performance and need her to make a comeback in a big way!
  • What the hell was that “swipe that” anti-smoking commercial? #hashtag #nothip #allididwaslaugh
  • Prince is such a strange little man and dressed like The Love Guru. But he did give the “the face” a run for it’s money. MEMEs anyone? 

  • Sia sings to the wall while Kristen Wiig in a wig dances. 

  •  “Take me to Church” could have been the theme of this year’s Grammys. I felt like I was watching a pseudo-gospel choir. Kinda.
Best quotes of the night: 

“Authentic love does not devalue another human being. Authentic love does not shame and abuse. You are worthy of love”

 "Albums still matter. Like books and black lives."

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