Sunday, February 8, 2015

Scandal Season 4, Ep 11 "Where's the Black Lady?" aka: Heil Hydra!

Get me Jake. And Cyrus. And Get me the CIA, NSA, FBI, AFT, DEA, FDA, OMG and WTF NOW!
Seems the Secret Service is in charge – taking watch over Fitz to keep him in line. The VP is in calling the shots now and the aids, pages, staff, guards, valets, butlers, all part of his support group. All part of the VP’s secret Hydra organization. 

Where’s the Red Skull and Captain America when you need them? 

West Angola is back on the table and Cyrus is following orders to get the big guys with the big guns in the room. Fitz wants proof of life. He’s not dropping bombs until he sees OP breathing. Olivia is being filmed in her “cell” and makes a statement showing the proof of life. 

When she tries to go rogue and improvise Eli tells her to quit it or he will eff her shit up. She gets a glass of water, which is a sign that she’s really not in some foreign hell-hole country. 

Hey there’s Mellie! All cleaned up and looking cute again. She senses something is wrong with Fitz, and blurts out that she’s sleeping with Andrew who is sleeping with Elizabeth North. Holy Crap – is Mellie Hydra as well? She confesses to Fitz that she was sleeping with Andy, Fitz pretends to share a kiss whispers that her boyfriend is behind the coup to take out his presidency.  He knows he’s going to kill Olivia because he cannot save one person and take thousands of others. Their son died because of this, he cannot do it. Mellie says, I thought you loved her. He does. Mellie says, “then you know what you have to do.” 

And he does. He orders attack on West Angola because they supposedly attacked the VP (but we all know that wasn’t true). Abby and Cyrus are shocked and can’t believe this is really happening. Liv sees the video of this and is surprised that Fitz did this for her. Once he has his press conference, Fitz goes to Andrew and demands Olivia be released. Andrew says no dude, it takes time for a war. There’s other issues: rolling back gun control, equal pay, and education. Now there’s a true Republican talkin’!  Fitz realizes that Andrew may never let Olivia go. 

Abby sees Cyrus pacing and starts asking questions. Everyone hates the VP – why is Fitz listening to the VP? Why is he in, and I’m out? Oh Cyrus, everyone knows you’re out – that was like four episodes ago. Cyrus talks to Fitz – who wants his thoughts. Cyrus says he’s thinking what the heck is his problem? Fitz gives him the report and demands he read sit. When he finally does, the first page says “They have Olivia”. 

Back to Olivia: Eli gets paid either way – war or no war. She tells him he’s not the one calling the shots. Who has the real power? After Eli shows Liv the video of the President calling out war, he tells her “Who’s the puppet now?”

 Olivia calls his bluff and asks him what he wants. She tells him he wants power and he has the most valuable item on the planet – her. He can either be a babysitter for her for the next few years or he can get her cleaned up and sell her to the open market and see what he gets. Seeming as how the president will do anything – Eli has the control since he has her. 

Now Tom is asking for a pardon. Says that Jerry was a nice boy, but Fitz is a great man and he had to make a choice so J had to go. Sacrifices dude. Fitz wants to know who he can trust in the White House. Who hasn’t been turned? Tom tells him no-one. Everyone bad. Bad. Just bad. 
Tom then says “A face that launched a thousand ships.” Asks him if he will launch a thousand ships to save Ms. Pope. We know damn well he will.

 Someone walks into OPA looking for the black lady – the one in charge. Rose is asking how long Olivia will be gone. Finn says that maybe she can help and Rose asks “Are you the black lady?” Um, no, and no you cannot help. Rose drops the mic and walks out. Two snaps up for Rose. Seems like Marla Gibbs can still throw some attitude!

She comes back again. Says that Lois wont’ answer her phone, her door, and the Black Lady has her spare key. Olivia lives across the hall. Huckelberry-Quinn and Jake search Lois’ apartment and Huck finds Olivia’s ring under the rug. They find the internet connection and Huck goes nerd mode and finds who hacked into the internet, and find Ian (aka whoever, aka whatever he has more alias names). Fitz visits Liv’s place and meets Jake – handing off the flashdrive with her capture video and is looking for clues. HuckleberryQuinn are trying to get info. 

Lizzie has a daughter Jane, and is all sweet mom kissing her goodnight until HUCK! HUCKING HUCK!! He wants his Liv back and if Lizzie doesn’t give Huck her location, he will cut that kid! GO HUCK! Oh, wait. Kinda sucks to threaten a kid, but hey, you do what you have to for the OPP. Lizzie is freaked and tells Andy Hey, what the heck? He tells her this whole war thing was her idea so get her head in the game because he’s the next president and she needs to get on that train ride to the end. Come on ride that train, and ride it! Choo Choo. Lizzy then goes to Mellie and claims that she has nothing to do with the Olivia kidnapping. Lizzy tells Mel that someone broke into her home, and Lizzy shows Mellie her back – which is all cut up and nasty! She says he’ll kill her if Olivia doesn’t come back. Lizzy knows that since Fitz will do anything for Olivia, he will keep demanding and demanding while holding Liv hostage. Mellie goes to Andrew and calls him on his shit. Asks him to choose between her and Lizzy. He says he wants her to be in the oval with him in the future. Mellie must be playing him, right? RIGHT? Of course she is. She snatches his cell phones and gives them to HuckleberryQuinn and Jake. 

One of the phones has frequent calls to Virginia. They track the location and they find where she is and figure the three of them will bust in there and get her. David Rosen calls in the DEA as a drug raid and he’s the one that’s going to save Olivia Pope. HOLY CRAP DAVID! You grew some gonads! Good for you! 

With Jake leading the team, they hit the warehouse and find – it’s empty! Jake finds Olivia’s sweater and knows that she was there but is gone. Huck knows she’s alive but Quinn isn’t so sure.  Olivia calls the president from a plane, and Eli makes a deal to sell her to the highest bidder – since she’s the one that controls the POTUS. 

Whew. Did you get all that? I think I had to watch twice to get it all. 

Next week: The auction for OP and control of the president. Possible players: Drug dealers, world leaders, evil dudes, and Mama Pope!

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