Saturday, April 12, 2014

10 Things You Shoudn't Miss While Watching Captain America: Winter Soldier

Saturday mornings are for watching cartoons. Okay, Captain America isn't really a cartoon as much as a comic, but hey, close enough. I went out this morning and caught the first show, before the crowds and kids, and it. was. awesome!

captain america 2 winter soldier preview Captain America: The Winter Soldier Easter Eggs, Trivia & References
The future of Captain America?
I'm not going to ruin the plot because that is too simple. What I will do is point out all the funny shit you need to be clued into. 

1. Caps Notebook with stuff he's missed. Basically, a note to self of things to explore since he missed them when frozen. Includes: 
Star Wars / Trek
Thai Food
Nirvana (band)

2. Shall we play a game?
If you don't know where this if from, you are not old enough to get the joke. I'm not even going to tell you where this if from, just know it was fricken rad. 

3.Newman's Own spaghetti sauce.
Redford. Newman.  Enough said. 

4. The headstone "The path of righteous men"
Are we happy ? Yes we are. Why?   Because he's mother fucking Samuel L. mother fucking Jackson, and that shit was cool that's why.  And if my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions

5. Stillwell spills the beans. 
When being interrogated, Stillwell spills that the targets to eliminate include Bruce Banner & Samuel Strange. You already know Bruce Banner/Hulk, and Samuel Strange is....Dr. Strange. YES!! Please please please tell me there's a Dr. Strange movie out soon. A girl can hope.

6. Peggy Carter
She's back. But unlike the Captain, she's not young anymore. You do discover that she was one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D., and here's the kicker. "That Nurse" that lives next door to Cap? She's a Carter. Yah. Read the comics people!

7.  Strike A Pose
Okay, if you follow the comics, you know what happens with Captain American and the Winter Soldier. Just look at the picture and tell me you don't see the plotline of CA3. I will say "I told you so". 

8. Crossbones
Ugh. So, there are some bad guys and one of them is Brock. He. Just. Won't. Die. 
And now I know why.....the end has him burnt to a crisp, yet alive. You see him fighting with Falcon, going down in the helicarier crash, and alive but with some nasty burns. And his crossed straps over his chest. I see the CA3 nemesis here, don't you?

9. The Twins
You should know not to leave before the lights come on. You're missing key Marvel previews if you do. This one appears before the final credits roll and features a set of twins. Oh, but not just any twins. The brother-sister super duo of Quicksilver and  the Scarlet Witch!! **SQUEEEEEE**

10. Stan Lee Cameo. 
He's going to get fired for that one!

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