Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm the Scandal!

It's the funeral for Senator Hightower. You hear the President's voice: "It’s a great honor and privilege to be here today" …except, the President is NOT there. Sally is. so is Leo, and the VP dude. 

In rushes Jake to the inner sanctum: Mr. President, we have a situation. 

Everyone is being rushed out of the church as the news coverage indicates there is a bomb at Hightower’s funeral. Bomb goes off. Eyes on the VP. She’s on the move. Leo holds on to her before she can get into a waiting car, telling her it’s her “Pearl Harbor, 911”. It’s her time. Really? Ugh. “BE JESUS”. Really? Sally, you’ve sunk really low. And Sally does what she does best – puts on a show.  “Every American will be with them. I will be with them. We will not turn the other cheek. We will be just. We will be swift. And we will be ruthless.” Oh Sally, you know ruthless well.  

Olivia goes to Cyrus after she has a shouting match with the television producer that chose to show Sally and not Fitz’s speech on the explosion. Cyrus admits they are going to lose the election. Hmm, now you’ve had a hand in determining TWO elections, haven’t you?  

Sally has been canonized. Fitz just cannot steal back the headlines. He is resigned to lose. Mellie says “I want a refund”. LOL. I might be on team Mellie. She’s a funny drunk. 

Cyrus and Leo share a toast to the victor. Cyrus shares a bit of advice: Protect your soul if you have one. 

Hamilton squares off with Adnan.  He returns to the Pope headquarters, walking in with Abby to find Huck hucking Quinn. Abby screams My eyes!!! Nooo!! Omigod!!! 

Fitz tells Olivia that since he’s losing the election, they can just move to Vermont and she can make jam and pop out babies. Two of them in fact. He tells her he doesn’t care about Mellie. Olivia breaks and tells Fitz Mellie’s secret – that daddy Jerry raped her. Fitz doesn’t believe Olivia and looks shocked. He goes to Mellie, finding her downing the rest of her drink. One look at him, and she knows he knows. She quips “Olivia Pope can’t do anything right.” See? Mellie has great one-liners!Mellie tells him that Jerry is Fitz’s son, not his dad’s. Fitz says he doesn’t care. BUT…those results aren’t real are they? “I fought him. I fought.” She breaks.  Fitz knows he can’t leave Mellie. Olivia tells him “Vermont’s not happening.” 
Papa Pope is alive. Olivia visits him in the hospital, saying the knife just nicked his heart – which means he isn’t the tin man. Liv admits that she was scared when she saw all that blood, and daddy and daughter share a precious moment. Awwwww. 
Fitz makes a big speech at a school with his family standing behind him, and Olivia is at the hospital with her daddy.  After hanging up with Fitz, she walks back into her dad’s hospital room to find mommy dearest sitting next to her dad’s bed. Mom says she did it to protect Olivia because he would hurt her in the end. Olivia asks if any of it was real, referring to her childhood and her family. 
Jerry is coughing up blood during the presidential speech. Mellie freaks calling Fitz, who is stops his speech to see his son drop to the floor. The president is shown carrying his son out of the school to a waiting ambulance. 

Hospital reports are in (wow that was fast), indicating his son passed away from Bacterial Meningitis. That’s some nasty shit. They lost their child and NOW Olivia and Cyrus agree they are going to win the election. Cyrus admits he was going to let the church blow up with everyone in it. Olivia asks “How did we get like this? When did we stop being people.” Cyrus asks “Were we ever people? Or did serving the president just help us shed our skins and unmasks us as the monsters we really are?” 
The President is told that a vial of the strain was kept at the CDC and it went missing. The first son was murdered. Papa Pope walks out to find Fitz in the hospital who tells Pope it was Maya that killed his son. And now he is going to kill her. PP vows to help get MP and not through normal channels. Now Olivia is freaked, and Fitz tell her it’s not her fault. 

Quinn tells Charlie she doesn’t want to hurt him, and he hands her an envelope. Open it, don’t open it, whatever. Of course, Quinn needs to bend down pick up that shit and see what’s inside. She takes the envelope, finds Huck, and takes him to his family. The envelope has information on Huck’s REAL family. He’s freaked. Asks why she would do this, Quinn says it’s because she loves him. This is his real family. He goes to Olivia and tells him they are safe, and better off not knowing that he’s alive. Leaving them behind was the best thing that ever happened to them…but not to Huck. He breaks down crying in Olivia’s arms. Poor Huck. He’s one effed up dude after that B-613 thing. 
Papa Pope is looking for Mama. He tells Olivia that he doesn’t want her involved. She asks him if that plane he got for her and the offer of a new life, does it still stand? 

Olivia goes to headquarters, and tells Abby and Huck she’s leaving. Abby wont’ accept it. Huck asks when she is leaving. Olivia says they’ll be taken care of, her father will take care of them. Abby is pissed and says “Go. Run to Daddy”. Daddy finds Hamilton, demanding to know everything about Adnan and Maya Pope. “You are in over your head. Adnan is dead.” Hamilton knows where Maya is going to collect her cash.  

Jake is no longer the property of the United States government, he’s not B-613 anymore, he’s just a regular guy, sitting down drinking a beer, watching a game. Rosen doesn’t buy it. 

After Olivia quits, Jake shows up at Olivia’s place, asking her “You quit OPA?” Huck spilled the beans. Olivia feels the pressure of it all – she’s the center. The eye of the storm. Jake tells her she is having a pity party. Olivia says she’s handling it. Fixing it. I’m the thing that needs to be fixed. I’m the Scandal!
Jake: “Take me with you”.
Olivia: “Jake.”
Jake:  “Take me with you. Run away with me. Save me”.
Olivia: “I’m in love with someone else.”
Jake: “You’re leaving everything else behind. Leave that behind too. Don’t go alone. You don’t have to be alone.”
Olivia: “You want to stand in the sun with me”
Jake: “I want us to stand in the sun together. Will you do that?”

Just like a freaking romance novel. Seriously Olivia? GO WITH TEAM JAKE! 

Maya Pope was apprehended when trying to make a bank withdrawal. Papa Pope tells the President that Maya Pope is dead. Harrison asks where is Olivia? She’s gone. Gone Gone. 

Papa is reinstated as the head of B-613. Hamilton finds it funny that Jerry wasn’t killed by Maya Pope. If B-613 is back online, then it’s Daddy that killed Jerry. “My daughter wanted him to be president. And he is. He took my child, and so I took his.”Hamilton is surprised at how low PP is willing to go to get what he wants. “You killed that man just to get me to talk?”

“You can’t take Command, son.” EEK!  “It’s a shame. A waste of great talent.” A gun is raised before Hamilton, and you know what’s coming. Papa Pope states: “It’s good to be back.”
Maya Pope isn’t dead of course. She’s in the B-613-hole! 

Fitz falls on his knees in his office before the presidential seal. Olivia is getting on a plane. With Jake. Dave Rosen has boxes with a note from Jake “Go get the bad guys” and files labeled B-613. Huck goes to his family and rings the doorbell. 

AND….that’s your finale people! 

So, where are Olivia and Jake going? What’s going to happen to Maya Pope? Huck went back to his family but do they want him home? What will Fitz do when he realizes that Olivia is GoneGone.

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