Thursday, June 19, 2014

21 things about Janet Evanovich's Top Secret 21 (Stephanie Plum #21)

21 things about Top Secret 21

  1. Stephanie is still a bounty hunter, and Lula is still her sidekick
  2. Mrs. Plum is still making pot-roast, ironing when stressed, and hitting the whiskey
  3. Gramma is as wild as ever and this time has a bucket list she’s trying to complete.
  4. Joe hasn’t changed: still watching sports, drinking, beer, eating pizza, and calling Stephanie a cupcake.
  5. Ranger reveals more of himself in this book: You find out that while still sexy and mysterious, he’s also a bit of an ass:
    R: “I understand your emotion, but you’d serve no purpose today, You’d be a liability”
    S: “Gee, that’s so flattering. Let me get this straight. You only have me tag along when I serve some useful purpose, like being a dumb bimbo in a bar?”
    R: “Yes.”

    “Are you worried about me?”
    “Of course I’m worried about you”
    “Nice.” He looked at his watch. “I have to go.”
    “What? Are you serious? You didn’t tell me anything!”
    “This is why I’m not married. Women ask too many questions.”
  6. Buuut, you also get a glimpse of his real feelings for her:
    “There are times when I seriously consider marrying you, but then I get yet another black mark on my path to enlightenment and forgiveness and I scratch marriage off my bucket list”
    “Really, you think about marrying me?”
    “Marrying you might be extreme, but once in a while I think about sharing my closet.”
  7. There’s wacky animals in the book. Again. This time a gang of Chihuahuas.
  8. Stephanie gets kidnapped. Again.
  9. Stephanie loses her POS car on Stark Street. Again.
  10. Ranger loans Stephanie his car she gets it blown up. Again.
  11. Bob eats stuff he shouldn’t and throws it back up.  Again.
  12. Stephanie’s apartment gets blown up. Again.
  13. Stephanie stays at Joe’s house while her apartment is getting cleaned up. Again.
  14. Gramma Mazur goes to a funeral viewing. Again.
  15. Tank is mentioned but doesn’t say anything in this book. Again.
  16. Stephanie STILL hasn’t make a firm choice between Team Ranger and Team Morelli.
  17. I swore I wouldn’t read any more books that were exactly the same story as the other 20 before it and I read this new one anyway. Again.
  18. The writing doesn’t seem like it’s really JE writing. It has a different tone, style, and vocabulary than other books.
  19. Ranger is chatty. Again, different writing style.
  20. The kindle version stops at 89%!!! WTF is that all about? I thought I had another chapter or two to go and nope. End. Blah. Preview of her other series “Pros and Cons”.
  21. If you’re a die hard JE fan, then go get this. Otherwise, you can do any of the following:
    a. Wait for it to be available in your local library
    b.Borrow a copy from a friend
    c. Re-read any of the other books 1 – 11, and you’ll basically get the same thing
    d. Read some FanFiction sites. At least with the FanFiction, you get to pick Team Ranger, or Team Morelli, you have a conclusion, the character development is a bit better and you don’t have to shell out bucks for a book that is a rehashed, watered down version of what you’ve previously purchased.

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