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Frenched, by Melanie Harlow

Top Five Reasons (Out of 100) I Am NEVER Coming Out Of This Blanket Fort

1) 220 hand-engraved invitations.

2) $18,000 hand-pieced Vera Wang gown.

3) 1500 Felicity roses imported from Ecuador.

4) Bridal portrait on the current cover of Wedding Chic magazine.

5) Text message from fiancé calling off dream wedding a week before it happens.

 Mia Devine is a succesful event planner. She runs Devine Events with her friend Coco. When her fiancĂ©, Tucker (now called Tucker the Fucker), sent her a text message week before the wedding calling everything off and jetting over to Vegas, Mia does what any woman would do – locked herself in a room for a week. 

 “Mia, please. You have to come out of there.” Coco rattled the handle before pounding on the door again.
“No, I don’t.”
“Then you have to let me in.”
“Why? Do you have wine?”
“It’s nine A.M!”

Stuck in Tucker’s townhouse, his room, his bed, what should have been their linens with their monogramed initials, she finally gets up and lets her friends in.
FML. That’s what I need to monogram on all this shit.

Not only did her fiance Tucker (aka Tucker the Fucker) ruin her fabulous wedding, but he also robbed her of her dream trip to Paris, where they were to spend their honeymoon. Thankfully, her friends talk her into going to France anyway and taking the time to get over everything. Realizing that she probably dodged a bullet by marring Tucker and his two approved sexual positions, she does something spontaneous for a change and jets off to Paris. Mia is not spontaneous – she’s a planner, a list maker, and has a calendar for her schedules, and even her outfits. Oh Mia, you and I could be list and post-it note twins. Except for the outfit schedules – that’s a bit much even for me.  

Once there, she ventures out to explore the city and she finds she’s surrounded by love…couples holding hands, sneaking kisses, whispering conversations. She’s pushed over the edge when she witnesses a couple getting engaged. She stomps through the streets, ends up lost, and storms into a bar in need of wine. She’s ready for a drink and a plane ticket home!

  The bartender Lucas strikes up a conversation with her and finds out the reason she’s in Paris alone – she’s trying to have a pity party for one and is being uber-bitchy and completely over the entire concept of love, and he’s calling her on her bullshit and getting in her face, challenging her pre-planned life. After a few too many glasses of wine, she decides to leave, and he gives her a proposal: stay one more day and let him show her Paris, acting as her friend and tour guide. She takes him up on his offer and a new adventure begins.

 They explore the city together and have a fabulous time. At first, Mia isn’t worried about spending time with Lucas as he isn’t her type. He’s scruffy, a bartender, and lives in France. They see the sights, enjoy each other’s company, and Mia starts to see Paris, and Lucas, differently. 

“You have to stop moving so she can take the picture,” he said.
“Quiet. Just try to look happy, so I can lie and tell my friends I charmed a French man.”
I smiled as Lucas whispered in my ear, “You won’t have to lie.”

  They get along – they both realize that they are attracted to each other, and she decides to go for the "vacation fling." Lucas learns of Tucker’s Two Approved Positions, and decidedly shows Mia what she’s been missing. Mia realizes she really didn’t know what love and passion were until her time with Lucas. The only problem: They have different lives, in different countries.

 I loved this book. Mia was hilarious. I want to hang with her and drink some wine. And why is it that the two sexiest men in books have the name: Lucas? First, of course: Luke Stark. Luke. Effen. Stark…..oh Luke. *sigh.....taking a personal moment here....* Okay, back to Frenched.

And now, Lucas Fournier. Wow. WOW. While Mia is awesome, Lucas is funny, charming, talented in multiple ways (you can interpret that as you wish).
This is a must read For fans of Alice Clayton, Julie James, Tara Sivec and Sophie Kinsella!
Bottom line, here it is:
 The top 5 reasons why you should read Frenched:

1) Lucas. MutherEffing. Fournier.
2) Fantastic writing – hilarious, charming, and entertaining!
3) Ridiculously hot sexy times! Actually, this could be the entire top 5…
4) BFF’s that every girl should have in their life,
5) Mia and her internal monologue rock! 

Go find this one on Amazon / Barnes and Noble / and other booksellers. 
And once you're done with Frenched, pick-up Yanked for more Lucas and Mia adventures!!
Out now! 

From the author: 
When Tucker Branch, playboy heir to Branch Bolt and Screw, screws and bolts a week before their wedding, Mia Devine wants nothing more than to crawl under her newly monogrammed sheets and plan a funeral for her dignity. But her friends convince her that bitter tastes better when it’s drowned in Bordeaux, so Mia grits her teeth and packs her bags, determined to make the best of her luxurious Paris honeymoon—alone.

She never planned on meeting Lucas Fournier.

The easygoing bartender’s scruffy good looks and less-than-sympathetic ear annoy her at first, but when she takes him up on his offer to show her around the city, she discovers that the romance of Paris isn’t just a myth.

Nor is the simultaneous O.

The last thing Mia needs is another doomed love affair, but since she only has a week, she figures she might as well enjoy la vie en O with Lucas while she can. But each day—and night—with Lucas is better than the last, and suddenly her heart is telling her this is more than a rebound fling.

Is it just the seduction of Paris…or could this be the real thing? 

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